Pokitto Mac Loader App v1.0

#pokitto loader
easy to use uploader, for the mac, runs in the menu bar

#pokitto loader for mac v1.0 (3.5 MB)

older versions:
#####pokitto loader for mac v0.1 (310.1 KB)

#####NEW pokitto loader for mac v0.3 (387.6 KB)


@Adekto: please invent another name for this. The possibility of confusion with the SD-card loader is too evident.

Pokitto MacLoader ?


Pokitto Bin Loader (for mac)?
Pokitto Binary Loader?

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Could it be Uploader instead of Loader?

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The problem with ‘upload’ or ‘download’ is that they often imply internet communication, whereas this is just copying files to the Pokitto so that might cause some confusion.

Maybe ‘Pokitto Bin Transferer’ or ‘Pokitto Binary Transfer Tool’?
Or maybe ‘Pokitto Bin(ary) Copier (for mac)’?

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Pokitto BinCopy for Mac… I kind of like that.


pok-bin-copy.exe (or whatever macs have instead of .exe) :P

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What sd card loader?
Im currently looking into adding also repo downloads from online to pokitto
So it will both load local bin and from online
Could add sd card aswell but unsure on how reliable that can be selecting the right drive

Basically im Working on the one stop shop application, will build windows/Linux versions soon

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How about: Pokitto Connect?

…or if you want to go even more out there: LOADitto :wink:


Currently the program itself is called pokitto.app and the window is the “pokitto loader”


thats just a game bundle though? not an application

No, there is a program called LOA.DER that is the loader that loads games from the SD card. Its a special binary for Pokitto. I just thought it might cause confusion


well now i am confused, whats this LOA.DER supposed to do?
do you need it on the sd card?

Its the program that allows you to switch games from the SD card.

It is on the SD card, and when a Pokitto program starts, it is automatically updated to Pokitto memory if needed

ok, i still dont know a better name for the app that isnt itself confusing

Some names already suggested in this topic. What do you think about one of them? I think Pokitto Connect is good (suggested by @VonBednar)

im unsure, connect has a different value to me as its usually used as a event (conference) or in my own language it realy sounds to much like the kinect :confounded:
i also see forums use it so thats confusing to

im looking at turning this app in a one stop shop application

experimenting with integrating mbed into the app

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what tools are you using to develop this?