Pokitto Mac Loader App v1.0


original app was made using c++ and glfw
but to be more cross platform and allowing mbed website to be embedded im switching over to electron
i found that there are library’s for electron offering shell commands so i can port the current code to upload files on the pokitto

also it would solve the ui for the game repo since that can also use web technology
@jonne if you have any idea or way to port the simulator to emscipten/webassambly we could also run that in the same program, a bit like arduino IDE provides everything you would need for arduino programming


we just need scripting (python) to do the transpiling steps. doable.


no way to use javascript for that?

we could stick with mbed if we could emulate the device in js wen reading the binary’s maybe
might be a little complicated


version 0.2 now working
sadly using electron made this large download im unsure if theres a way to optimise it

here its in the dock :stuck_out_tongue:


for the windows and linux version i need assistance since i do not fully understand the mounting locations
especially on windows the D E F G… drives makes it hard to know wich is what
the system uses shell commands so no bat stuff sadly


started adding a offline text editor editor, i need some help with the compiler, since this app is standalone i cant use the mbed-cli but if anyone knows how the gcc-arm works (i think its arm-none-eabi-c++ not sure)

additional advantage with this editor should be the addition of some sort of suggestion for all the pokitto functions, thats something that is lacking with mbed and its a little annoying


Why does it stop you using mbed-cli?

For what it’s worth, EmBitz has that functionality.
Also I think EmBitz uses GCC so it might give you a hit as to what command line options you’d need.

Otherwise the guide to ARM-specific GCC arguments can be found here.


mbed-cli has dependancy i don’t need (python, git)
i realy like this to be a single app without extra steps for people
and EmBitz isnt on mac os

will check that out, but im not sure what exactly pokitto needs in terms of commands or specific compiler configuration, a makefile would be nice :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure git and python can be made to work locally, though I admit that’s not ideal either.

Either way you’re probably not going to be able to make it a ‘single’ thing since compilers tend to come as executables rather than libraries.

Not requiring extra installation is possible, but it’ll still probably need a group of files.

Using a makefile would mean you’d need yet another dependency.

Unless you meant to study it to find out what the options are?


the gcc-arm compiler seems to be a standalone program that i think i can add to the .app package
make comes preinstalled on mac os, but its probably not needed as i do have shell commands that i already use for the uploader part, its just easy to translate if there where existing makefiles around


Build options change per project so it probably won’t be an easy task whatever you use.

I can tell from the build options that the ‘device’ is a cortex-m0plus and the post build step is arm-none-eabi-objcopy.exe -I ihex .\build\bitmap.hex -O binary .\build\bitmap.bin .\build\lpcrc .\build\bitmap.bin (for the bitmap example it changes depending on the build target).


Hmm I asumed the build comands did not change.

Maybe it’s a bad idea, also the amount of people actually using this is practically none


What about Pokki Loadi


its just called pokitto.app since you can both develop (with mbed ide) and load to device with it
im using it for my development and its usually just running in the background
the only annoyance is that you also want your downloads folder on standby to drag and drop the file since theres no direct way to go from mbed web ide to uploading


@adekto The second link isn’t working, it’s giving an error (something about database modfication).

Perhaps you ought to host on Github or something instead?

The error:

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I recall it was to big for GitHub to host so I had to find another place nothing I really can do about


I would like you to maintain the small loader. I think it was just the right tool for the job.


What do you mean by that?


I think @jonne means v1 (which is only a few KB in size).
That or the script version.

Also is it open source/have you considered making it open source?
If so maybe a github link to the source would be good as well.


Oh ok so I’ll redo the original Wich is actually a tiny opengl thing give me some time though