Pokitto JoyHat


Update: JoyHat case design is almost ready!

Hello all, quick update:

I’ve been trying out different things on how to get the hat sit tightly on the Pokitto

And now, version 3, just printed and tested, worked perfectly:

The “trick” are these bumps: they lock at the back into the “eyes” of the Lego pegs. And even though the bumps are just 2.5mm high, due to the rigidity of the connector and the PCB, the result is that you can not pull the hat off Pokitto anymore - unless you want to break the whole thing.

It’s looking very good at the moment, we will have the case design and the JoyHat finalized soon!


What about this?

Noughts&Crosses-Joyhat.bin (44.1 KB)

I’ve stuck the source on the joyhat-support-alpha branch for now.


Works!! Although I didn’t first understand that the control goes from one player on the buttons to the joyhat for player 2


I now have a version that works really well.

It locks relatively tightly and yet comes off with a reasonable amount of force.

I will now get a better (ABS) 3D printer for the cases and finalize the product.


Do not be concerned with the quality of the 3D print in the picture. This is my crappy XYZ printer, PLA and fastest mode. Once I get my Ultimaker/Prusa and ABS it’ll be a a whole lot better

Explanation of locking mechanism

There is a flexible “lip” at the back of the hat that has “studs” that lock into the eyes of the lego pegs in the corners.

The tension between the lip and the connector provides more than enough locking power to keep the hat in place

Additional possibility for even harder locking:

If I put a similar “lip” and pegs on the top surface (removed in these pictures) the hat is locked so tight its like solid wood. You cant remove it anymore without disassembling the hat itself. But that, in my opinion, defeats the purpose.


Does anyone want to have the STL files? These are not final yet, but if you want to try them out on your printer etc?


I have never used 3D printing before, so I think I will wait for the final version.


Now that the Joystick Hat is ready, its time to turn to the next important thing: the backstory of my “SpyHunter” clone

You are Markku “Turbo” Tanabe of the Tokyo Highway Police. Son of a Finnish air stewardess and a Japanese Formula 1 driver, you have turned your natural driving abilities and your Sültzburger Porsche 928 to combatting traffic violations… with extreme force!


This is a joke ofcourse

Back to serious business.

(I need to doodle this stuff out of my system at times)


I wanted to make sure everything worked before going to the trouble of polishing it.
I’ll make that clearer when I get round to the polishing stage.

I aim to offer joyhat gameplay as a runtime option rather than a compile-time option.

I’m glad it works at least, that means we already have 3-4 joyhat compatible games and the joyhat isn’t even finalised yet.

Hopefully the pins won’t change, otherwise I’m going to need a more complex options menu.


(I might have transliterated that incorrectly, my Japanese is better than my Finnish.)
(Tangentally related: I installed the Japanese IME earlier today.)


no that is an awesome backstory,


I love how the katakana contains smiley faces. (I became kinda satisfied with my Japanese as soon as I learned how to say “that cat just ate an apple”. No need to learn more for a while.)

@Jonne I love to watch how this comes to life.


STL would be nice to have. Are you putting it on Thingiverse ?


I will. Also, getting a new Prusa i3 tomorrow!


ooooo, me like :grin: