Pokitto JoyHat

PS2 thumb controller + 2 extra buttons + 2 x CAN BUS / I2C for local cable multiplay

Comments? Go?

EDIT: just realized there is a design flaw.

But yes, the intention is to get this hat business going at last. Starting with a relatively simple hat


I love the thumb controller idea!
I’m not so sure about the link cable, though. Managing game state can be hard, multiplayer isn’t something that can easily be bolted on to an existing game. Don’t classic Gamebuinos support something similar? Did any games actually ever use it?
Since you hold the hat to play, it would be nice if it could contain a pager motor for force feedback.

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Good observations.

I just realized I made the controller design wrong: you cant play “upside down” with that configuration.

V2 coming soon. Taking your ideas into account @FManga


Good idea… How about a motion sensor hat? Also why don’t we use the Lego holes we already have to lock the hats in place? Looks like a missed opportunity don’t you think?

Wouldn’t that make the hat bulkier?

Wow, pokitto gamepad-hat! Plz make this come true :heart_eyes:

I’m going to order this next week. This is definitely happening.


as soon as it is available, would like some.

This year maybe already in store for customers too?

Absolutely. But as do-it-yourself kits. You will have to learn to solder (easy parts)

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Thats a really cool idea of an gamepad hat kit! :scream:

Ho fitting, got new temperature controlled soldering iron with fine tip yesterday :joy:


do you keep us up to date when your parts arrived and pre alpha / beta hardware is existing? :roll_eyes:

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That’s actually been the idea since the beginning

Now also vertical orientation

@FManga , I will add the rumble motor as per your suggestion

EDIT: it may look cumbersome, bu I have the components (the joystick and buttons) right here as physical parts and I am playing around with them as I model. It does work, from an ergonomic point of view. Have no fear about that

Also, @Vampirics , the connector (the one with 26 pins) is so massive that it alone holds the “hat” in place pretty solidly. Just add one technics lego strip (as shown in the picture) and it becomes rock solid.


Of course. My plan is to get the PCB ordered next week. Components are already on the way


One more, off to bed.


Looks cool. Any estimate how much the parts will cost?

Parts are cheap but our beloved Posti (Post of Finland) will no doubt charge an arm & leg for shipping.

I will begin releasing dimensions, 3D files and other details on Pokitto. These hats will come with full schematics & files for printing, if you prefer to DIY the whole thing.

So. Not expensive.

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A potential solution could be to bundle it with a pokitto, other hats, components, etc…

Looking forward for this hat! Is SMD soldering hard to do by hand by the way? Never did it but it seemed to require tools and a good dexterity

No SMD (surface mount components) in this hat, its all throughhole. And ofcourse I will solder (or Aaro) if people insist on ready-made.

SMD soldering of simple components (resistors, capacitors, simple chips) is easy. SMD soldering of Pokitto LCD connector by hand is very, very hard because you get solder bridges if you hsve just a tiny bit too much solder.


Someone please suggest a good name for this hat. The XtraJoy is dumb.


Pocket chip!
I miss being able to use mine.

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