Pokitto as programmer?

i was wondering how to turn the pokitto into a programmer (binary file from sd card to pex device)
i want to try out some hat ideas but would need this to work for firmware updates or just reprogramming a hat


Programming what exactly?
Burning a bootloader to an Arduino?

yes, arduino’s, teensy, esp23

not sure how different there reprogram commands are

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The biggest problem is the voltage difference.
Most Arduino boards are still 5v.

This is along the lines of something I was working on a while back…

I managed to make the voltage protection circuit, but I gave up after successfully transferring one bit of data.

To allow the Pokitto to actually work as an ISP though, you’d need the Pokitto equivalent of the Arduino ISP sketch:


(As well as a voltage bridge.)

no that wont be needed for the selection i was looking at, arduino due, teensy, esp32

What won’t? The voltage bridge or the ISP program?
(I don’t know if that’s the proper name, but that’s what I’m calling it.)

voltage wont be needed since there all 3.3v chips
no idea how the ISP applies to the the esp32 and teensy and instead of using a the arduino ide to programing it over usb but from sd card true pokitto as programmer