[HIGHSCORE] Starbase Defender

Current Top 5

1: 1680 (@HomineLudens)
2: 1625 (@torbuntu)
3: 1165 (@tuxinator2009)
4: 1000 (@Vampirics)
5: 665 (@Hanski )

Only one score has been posted so far (so I’ll quote it below). Everyone should post their scores even if they’re not the highest (still fun to see how everyone is fairing). This is a wiki so anyone can edit the top post and adjust the Top 5 scores.

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Here’s my score of 1165. This was just my first try. After some practice with this great game I’m sure I’ll have @torbuntu scared :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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oh man, I am scared already! That beats my top already xD (rushes to Pokitto)

Ok here we go!


Ehm, my humble try 1680. :grin: .
Counting the minutes to see the my leaderboard go down …

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WOW! That was quick. Haha I’m going to need to figure out a different upgrade path strategy.