[HIGHSCORE] Starbase Defender


Starbase Defender

# Score Player
1 3031 @torbuntu
2 1680 @HomineLudens
3 1165 @tuxinator2009
4 1000 @Vampirics
5 665 @Hanski

Everyone should post their scores even if they’re not the highest (still fun to see how everyone is fairing). This is a wiki so anyone can edit the top post and adjust the Top 5 scores.

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Here’s my score of 1165. This was just my first try. After some practice with this great game I’m sure I’ll have @torbuntu scared :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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oh man, I am scared already! That beats my top already xD (rushes to Pokitto)

Ok here we go!


Ehm, my humble try 1680. :grin: .
Counting the minutes to see the my leaderboard go down …

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WOW! That was quick. Haha I’m going to need to figure out a different upgrade path strategy.

I finally did it! :grin: