Hello from Daniel's place in Virginia

Hi all Pokitto users!

I am visiting Daniel somewhere here in the mountains of Virginia. Daniel has a secret hideout with a batcave with fantastic equipment.

I am going to be making some videos for you to enjoy while I am here, working with Daniel. He is a very private person, he is the Batman of electronics - so do not expect to see him appear as Bruce Wayne in these videos.

More soon!


#Pokitto USB connector - breaking live!

In this video, we break a Pokitto USB connector and look at the improved stronger design.


Secret facility hidden under a mountain?
Is Daniel’s hideout the new location of Stargate Command?

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I’ll give a hint: last time I was here, I saw a rattlesnake.

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You’re only about a hundred miles or so from me lol.
Did you work out how much shipping of a Pokitto to East Tennessee would be?

We looked at shipping from US to US customers with Daniel. That may or may not become available soon.

At the moment I am in Iceland so I can’t pop over for coffee.

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I could pop over to Iceland, but I don’t know if they do coffee.

(That’s not actually where I live: the streets are too clean.)


Awesome, the international shipping was the only thing preventing me from making my order lol.

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I hear you!


Soon as it’s shipping locally let me know!

#How Pokitto PCBs are built


This is hypnotizing

Like an episode of How It’s Made, but without the retro music and narrator.

My favourite part was the buttons.

It also gives a small idea about how laborious making a Pokitto really is. We are working in the most difficult conditions of all: in the range of hundreds to thousands. In this range, you no longer can do things one by one but also do not have the economy of scale.

The entire Pokitto effort is just 2 people working part time, and the fact that hundreds have been shipped is nothing short of a little miracle.


I don’t know how to embed a video.


How It’s Made had a different voiceover in Britain (Tony Hirst, a Mancunian):

But funny nonetheless. :P

(Also simply adding https:// to the front should cause discord to embed the video it seems.)

Yeah, I couldn’t find a British circuit board one :pensive:

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