Gameboy Printer


Just a quick example of using a gameboy printer with pokitto…

You’ll have to cut up a gameboy link cable to do this one.

Pins used are set in the main.c file

DigitalInOut datClk(P0_11);
DigitalInOut datIn(P0_17);
DigitalInOut datOut(P0_13);
// GND also

You can probably use any pins you like, I chose these because they are next to each other.


Yeaahh, you finaly have it working ? How did you solve it ? :grinning:


Would you believe most of my issues were low battery related?


lol really, that was it? I geuss you dont have the original power supply for the printer then ? Or is it powered by the GB ?


It’s supposed to be powered by batteries (6xAA). But I modified mine to use a 9v power supply.



I wonder if my local computer museum has a GB Printer.


Is the next step to try and connect the gameboy camera to the pokitto?


The GB Camera is a game cart you have to emulate the Gameboy to let it capture

If you want a camera you can look into Arduino camera modules


I have too much camera gear as it is. I was more wondering how inspired you were on this theme and whether it was a actually possible to wire something into the PEX that could connect a GB game cart.


you can, its usualy just 2 chips rom and lockoutchip (on a regular game), but doing something with the data is another thing


Good News!!!
Look my face, it comes to my GB photo.
My friend just give me a GB printer from Japan. But I don’t have papers using it.
Maybe I can buy some commeral paper and cut it suitable size.:sweat_smile:


You can buy the correct size from eBay etc. However I just asked at a local store for some left over receipt paper, as there is usually a little left on the roll, then I just cut it to size.