Gameboy Printer


I need to start over with this, I broke it somewhere and I can’t figure out how :face_with_monocle:


Can you manage without an analog out pin?
Also microseconds wait would be quite easy to add (if that is possible in c++ side) if that is stopping you.
I am just now in the middle of another project…


I’ve switched beck to c rather than python. Timing seems ok etc. Starting from scratch always does me more good than harm, no biggy.


When you’re done with your current project,
maybe you could make a guide/example of how to add new functions to MicroPython from the C++ side?

That way when a situation like this happens again someone else can write a PR for it and then you just have to merge it.

(I’d look into it myself, but I’m also currently preoccupied.)


If I had hair left, I’d be pulling it out! :stuck_out_tongue:


Your icon does.


…Does anyone else even own a gameboy printer?

Finally getting somewhere again!


Sadly not. I’ve never even seen a real one in person.

(Make sure you publish the code anyway though,
just in case anyone does come across one.)

I wouldn’t be surprised if @Zockeromi has one.


Could have well been, but no, i never had a gameboy printer :woman_shrugging:


My icon is only 15 years old, give it time :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Literally the most shocking news for me all week. :astonished:


Well, it was not cheap and i thought the pics would vanish over time and maybe you won’t get paper after the gameboy dies, so i didn’t buy it. And i had a Kodak Disc camera…


That’s plausible, it’s only a thermal printer,
the same kind of printer used to print receipts,
and receipt printers vary drastically in quality.
(I find the ones used by ATMs tend to be particularly terrible - almost illegible after just 1 year of storage.)

On the flip-side of the coin, thermal printers are ubiquitous enough (in supermarkets at least) that thermal paper is likely to be available for quite a few years yet.
Granted, getting the right size could be more difficult, but that can be fixed by buying larger paper and a guillotine (a rotary paper cutter/trimmer, not the beheading kind).

I’m not sure how this is relevant.
(I’m sure that it is, I just don’t know how or why.)


Yes, thermal paper lives long and prosper, but i thought it wouldn’t :laughing:
The disc cam was perfect for snapshots and very flat - so you could take it everywhere


Sorry, only got the camera.:grin: