[Game]Zombie Jumpig

Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum.

I discovered this device three days ago, browsing jams in itch.io. I found the Java Compo and I thought it was cool to develop something for this little handheld.

The Game Idea

As I discovered the jam a little late and I don’t have a lot of time to make a complex game, I decided to make a really simple one. It’s single screen and the mechanics are based loosely on one 8-bit homebrew game I like a lot: Ninja Savior.

I’ve made a little prototype with no sound and many (many) bugs to see if the idea is doable (GIF speed is slower than the speed I get on the emulator):


Yes, that’s a pig, and that explains the title of the game :sunglasses:

The idea is to jump to get money to increase score, coffee to be able to attack, and destroy enemies so you don’t die. I’ve to balance all the factors so the game is fun. And the graphics are mostly placeholders.

The problems

I don’t have a Pokitto currently, so I’m emulating it using the integrated emulator in femtoIDE.

I’ve uploaded the bin of the prototype and I’d be very grateful if somebody with a Pokitto tests it on a real device. Does it feel good / responsive (A: jump, B: attack)? Is it fast or slow?

Thanks a lot!

Initial prototype: WallJumping.bin (66.8 KB)

Version 20191016: zombie-jumpig.bin (70.6 KB)

Version 20191017: zombie-jumpig.bin (75.7 KB)

Version 20191018 (hiscore fix): zombie-jumpig.bin (97.4 KB)

Source on GitHub


My only complaint is the lack of zombies.
(Though I haven’t actually run it - it’s late here.)

You still have ~16 days before the jam ends.


Doesn’t have to be zombies. Any undead creature could be fine. Even a zombie pig…


A zombie pig is still a zombie.

Currently there’s a lack of anything notably undead.

The bats could be vampires in bat form :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah, there will be some kind of zombies climbing the walls. And the bats are meant to be vampires.

I want to focus in making a fun and polished game these days… I hope I finish in time :sunglasses:


Hi and welcome to the Pokitto Forum :slight_smile:

Your game looks very interesting! I will try it tonight.


Welcome aboard :blush:, I have play test the game on the hardware the controls feels good and responsive, i uploaded a video for you so you could see it your self.


Wow, thanks a lot for sharing that video (and for the warm welcome)! I see the emulator is quite accurate.

I’m improving the mechanics (being able to attack while making a normal jump), the sprites and the respawn logic for the enemies. New beta soon :slight_smile:


There is also a Discord server for more real time discussion if you’d like to join there. It is a little more ad hoc and general discussion but great fun.

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Thanks for the info torbuntu. Maybe I’ll join later when the game is almost finished and I have more info to share. I’m still learning about Pokitto’s posibilities and femtoIDE.


Tested the game on HW. Works very well and feels very responsive.The idea is new in Pokitto, I do not know any game like this.

Cannot wait to see where this game is going to :slight_smile:


Thanks for testing it and sharing your impressions. I hope to live up to the expectations :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded a new version in the original post:

  • New graphics (coins and coffee cups where too big, improved background, logo,…) and some graphical fixes.
  • You can now attack while you’re jumping.
  • ZOMBIES!!! :joy:

There are some glitches in the collision detections, but I think the game is a little more enjoyable now.



Excellent, zombies make everything better. :P


Not to forget Ninjas and pirates.

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Much better now! Some suggestions:

  • The “dust trail” that occurs when the piggie is sliding on the wall could be made with particles to appear more like a trail.
  • You could use Ezgif.com to speed up the anim gif to match closer to the real speed on the emulator/HW

Thanks @Hanski, those are great suggestions. And thanks for playing the new version :grinning:

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See also: Dr. McNinja.

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The pig is actually a robot ninja pirate… :joy:


Super impressed with your entry so far. I agree with the dust trail comment, as it is it’s not clear what it is. I get a bombjack vibe from this game.