[Game]Zombie Jumpig

New version:

  • The trail is not really made from particles now, but I think it’s clearer.
  • Bats are moving now.
  • Points are shown when you get an item or you attack an enemy.
  • Collision detection algorithm is improved.

GIF sped up with ezgif (thanks @Hanski !)


The problem now is I spend too much time playing instead on adding code and features :joy:


That’s a good problem to have, that means the game is already fun! :smiley: Can’t wait to try it out!

Don’t forget to add a way to replay after a Gameover. On last version the only way was to reset the game :wink:


A small screenshake of little something when being hit by an enemy would be nice too.:wink:


Yes, there are many improvements in order to make a proper game:

  • Hi-Score saving
  • Main screen / Retrying game after game over
  • Sound
  • Maybe some sort of combo scoring and some adjustments to the mechanics.
  • And so on…

I hope it’s ready for Halloween :slight_smile:


You have to, not time extended :wink:

You really nailed the physic. Great first entry :grinning:.


I’ll be playing this.

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I’ve made some progress today, but I need your help :sunglasses:

  • Title screen.
  • In the Game Over screen you can restart by pressing A or C, or going back to the title screen by pressing B.
  • High Score saving using cookies (at least in theory).
  • Some sound effects (coin and attack).
  • Pig flashes a bit after being hit by an enemy.


The problem is that EEPROM emulation doesn’t seem finished. I try to persist the score using code similar to this by @FManga but the data is reset for some reason.

Sound effects sound fine in WAV (at least as good as you can expect from a 8KHz file…), but in the emulator the sound seems distorted. Anyone with a Pokitto can confirm if the effects sound good (binary in first post)? Maybe the coin sound can be quite annoying if collecting two coins in a row…

Thank you!!!


Emulator sound support is not great

… and not sure emulator supports cookies either


Sound is working well. Except that I had no sound the first time i flashed the game,.but resetting once made the sound work, we had a similar problem on Canabalto.

About score saving. It doesn’t update the highscore right away… ( It does on the title screen but only after an extra play. And in-game it stays at 0000000)


Thanks for the comments.

About the sound, did you found a solution for that problem? Maybe init the sound twice or something like that?

And the cookie behaviour is strange. When you start the game the hiscore is loaded. It’s updated when you play if you surpass it, and in the game over screen is saved… Maybe the first time it gets something different from zero…

The sound issue is know already and not fixed yet, it’s not something on your end, don’t worry.

About the highscore I know I had the same problem once and we found a way to make it work… I think you need to have a currentscore, a highscore and a newhighscore.

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The problem is that the EEPROM data isn’t actually saved anywhere. As soon as the emulator is closed, it’s gone. I filed this issue here.


That’s good to know!

Anyway, I assume then that using cookies should work in the emulator if the data is stored in one state and then read in another, right?

It should, yes. I’m seeing some odd behaviour on hardware as well, so there’s something else going on.

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Thanks. I’m going to refactor that part in the next version. I’m doing something wrong for sure.

EDIT: In fact, I was doing something very silly. A Vampirics’ comment about Hi-Score staying at zero gave me the clue. I was drawing the initial state BEFORE getting the stored value :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded a fixed version in the original post. It should work OK. Thanks everyone!


I’ve added the game to itch.io and it’s submitted to the jam. In the next days I’ll try to polish the game mechanics a bit and maybe change some of the sounds.

Alea iacta est :joy:


Just tried it out! This is awesome :smiley: The graphics are great!


Thanks. Your entry is fun too and I hope you finish the other one.


This is when I wish i could code, zombie jamboree, rhythm game you use buttons to make a zombie dance to a tune and the better you do, the more zombies join your horde and dance and the group acapella has the best song for it too


Hey i made you a POP file using the latest build from the itch.io in case you wanted one.
zombie-jumpig.pop (403.7 KB)