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The Hex

Graphics    @vampirics
Code          @filmote
Testing       @torbuntu

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The Hex consists of three games inspired by the humble hexagon:


Place the shapes available in the right-hand toolbox onto the play field to create lines of four or more gems. Lines can be either horizontal, diagonal or both with longer lines scoring more points! Rotate the shapes in the toolbox before placing them on the play field


You have two minutes to score as many points as possible by" rotating the gems highlighted by your cursor to match colours. Create a flower - a coloured gem surrounded by six gems of another colour - to score big! Clearing eight or more of a single colour in a move will add time back to the clock allowingyou to continue scoring.


Score points by rotating gems to create clusters of three gems of the same colour. The three gems must be touching each other. Create a flower - a coloured gem surrounded by six gems of another colour - to reveal the coveted Silver Gem! Create a flower of Silver Gems to reveal a Black Pearl and, finally, make a flower from six Black Pearls to complete the game. Watch the number of moves you have left to ensure you do not run out!

Installation Instructions

This game consists of a POP file and supporting sound assets packaged in a .zip file. Please expand the contents into a directory on you computer - you will see a POP file and a sub-directory called music. Please ensure both the .POP file and folder are copied to the root directory of your SD card.

Depending on what other games are installed on your Pokitto, you may already have a sub-directory called /music on your machine. If prompted, simply merge the contents of the The Hex directory with the folder already on your machine. The names of the file are unique and should not clash!







Its alive!


Thanks to @torbuntu for assisting in the testing. I made it tough for him by breaking things that were already working … at times it felt like one step forward, two steps back!


Glad I could help out! I had and will continue to have so much fun with this one :smiley: really great work!


Let the highscore hunt begin!


Put my first scores to the highscore table thread :slight_smile:

I liked most Hexon.

A question: is it a bug in Hexer that only after the player move the rows are disappearing? If new balls are added to the field, then the full rows are not removed.

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Not really a bug, no. You are rewarded in Hexer for your actions only. If you see a new sequence formed by new gems falling from above, you can go and retrieve those by rotating them on the spot. But is it worth it or are there more valuable points elsewhere?

I am always looking for flowers that can be made as a result of gems falling into place. A flower is really hard to make but is worth 500pts so its worth searching for. If the falling gems were to be removed (like in Hexic) you would probably never get the opportunity to make a flower as they would be immediately removed.


I played this game for five minutes and it looks nice. Real quality. Good job!


I think I found a bug in Hexic: B-button (counter clockwise) doesn’t count against your moves.


Yikes … that’s a bug alright.


Version 1.1 has just been released.

If you already have the game installed, you can simply grab the POP file and replace it on your device.

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Arg I missed one.


The HexIC game seems to freeze sometimes when I try to rotate with the B button.

Freeze and come food or freeze and you have to reset? Can I also ask is it version 1.1? (You can tell by going to the hush score screen where it will say the version 1.1 in the lower right corner of the screen or blank if it’s V1.0.

It is in version 1.1. It freezes and I have to reset. The issue appears sometimes when I select three cells of which one is a flower and try to rotate with button B.


OK … I will look into that. Is the placement at the bottom of the screen a consistent factor?

Forget about the flower, now I encounter the bug in the very beginning.

New Version - V1.2

Its always makes your stomach sink when someone says they have found a bug … but when they also say, here is exactly how you reproduce it things start looking up. Thanks to @sbmrgd for taking the time to work out exactly how to break and fix the game! In honour, I have called this release V1.2 (sbmrgd). Not much but something!