There might be a few bugs to work out, but here is the first release of Sensitive.

Latest version, now has looping tracker-based background music, using up to 4 channels of sample based sound!

New version, using my latest music player test, sound is much better…
Sensitive.pop (568.0 KB)
sensitive.bin (215.8 KB)

At this point in time, the following versions can be considered old an incomplete. But have been left here in case anyone wants to see how the game progressed.

Sensitive.LPC11U68.bin (87.8 KB)
Sensitive.pop (249.6 KB)

Sensitive.bin (75.3 KB)
Sensitive.pop (237.1 KB)

Source -> https://os.mbed.com/users/spinal/code/Sensitive_/

here is an update, now using the official JoyHat for rumble and reduced flickering…

Sensitive.bin (51.4 KB)

Older versions

Latest version, now with music…
sensitive.zip (437.5 KB)

Older version
Sensitiv.bin (45.3 KB)

The aim is simple, remove all of the red and yellow tiles and get to the exit!

  • If people could let me know if the controls are working correctly for everyone that would be excellent!

I forgot to mention, this game supports ‘rumble’, just connect a small rumble motor link this to pins 1 and 3 (see here).

p.s. the loader code doesn’t work in this, I’ve been using the online embed compiler and haven’t updated the libraries since I first started. This will be fixed in future versions.


This game looks very professional!

Works great for me, looks really good too.
Controls seem to work fine in my short time playing.

This game is my favourite game right now :heart_eyes:
Edit: I found some bugs.
First: https://youtu.be/PkHfcDdv63E
Second: https://photos.app.goo.gl/URV2K7yPDZydNaqM2
Third: Sometimes buttons do not register correctly. For example while holding up button quickly releasing and pressing another button do not reacting.

Yup, the first one is what I’m trying to figure out. I might resort to reading the hardware connections directly. In the software it’s checking the inputs every frame, but I’m getting situations where buttons are not registering at all, which is weird.
That second one is once I completely forgot about, next update will have that one fixed.

New version uploaded.

Fixed - Controls, used my own button routine, seems to be more successful.
Fixed - Added ‘wait for no buttons’ to the level loading, this will prevent delayed movement from previous level.


I will check new version today :slight_smile:

New version uploaded.
Graphics speed up, cleaned up explosions a little.


@spinal, I think Sensitive binaries has not been build after the loader changes. Loading it looks to erase the loader.

Yeah, I had the same problem, where I have to re-flash another game using the computer because it doesn’t recognize the loader.

This game looks really great, and the controls feel great too. Really nice presentation overall.

I’m not a huge fan of the level design though. Several of the early levels require long, repetitive sequences of timed button presses, and the limited number of lives means that getting stuck on later levels requires depleting the entirety of the repetitive earlier levels over and over. Why even have a lives system? It seems like there should be no problem to let the player retry a puzzle an unlimited number of times. Perhaps a puzzle select menu after having solved the previous puzzles would be nice, as well.

I also feel like levels like 2 and 3 could perhaps be shrunk down. There’s a lot of tiles that must be crossed that don’t have any “puzzle” to them. I feel like shrinking the puzzles could make them feel more focused and less like they’re making you do unnecessary things.

Just my two cents. The game already feels great, so these are just things I feel would improve the experience and keep people coming back to it.

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Download updated. That should sort out the loader.

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@spinal Had the first opportunity to try this game out for real.

Top notch work. Hats off to you.


Sensitiv.zip (26.1 KB)

Update… should work properly with the loader now :slight_smile:


@spinal: You said you had trouble editing. I changed the first post to “Wiki” type (anyone can edit). Tell me if you still can not edit it.

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@jonne yes, that seems to have worked :sunglasses:

Everyone - the download in the first post should work fine with the loader now.


Minor update… Added background music (streaming) I think the framerate sufferers a little, but at least it has music!!


Am I the only person who cant see Sensitive on the games page?

I do not see it either.

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I’ll see whats wrong

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Search algorithm is breaking. I need some time to fix it proper

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