Maybe you should put the search algorithm on GitHub so other people can help debug it or perhaps make suggestions for extra features?


No its Discourse actually. Search for “50 results search limit”… theres a hardcoded limit (yep!)


In that case, maybe it’s time to put “invent a new repository system” on the todo list?

Perhaps to simplify matters @eried would be willing to let us reskin his Arduboy collection code?

In case you haven’t seen it, the website is here and the BSD-3 licenced source code is here.


I’ve asked @eried. He said the system can’t handle it as the # of games increases and besides, it seems to have been coded (in big part) by @FManga :wink:


His repo puts everything in a single, static JSON file. Naturally, things get slower as this file grows and clients with little RAM might have trouble dealing with that much data at once. The Pokitto has more games than the Arduboy now (counting Bitsy, not counting Gameboy), so it’d be best to make something that supports paging/search in the backend instead of with javascript in the front.


I seem to have forgotten how or lost the ability to edit the first post.
Anyway, here is an update, now using the official JoyHat for rumble and reduced flickering…

Sensitive.bin (51.4 KB)


One game you should redo is Pokittris… in portrait mode!


Time for another update, see first post!
I added tracker based music using pcm samples with up to 4 channels playing. It sounds terrible, but that’s down to me not fully understanding how pcm audio works.


I don’t either, so there’s something we could really do with a tutorial on. :P


New version, using my latest music player test, seems to sound better…
Sensitive.LPC11U68.bin (87.8 KB)


I can’t tell if this version sounds better than previous versions or not,anyone care to comment?

Sensitive (2).bin (87.9 KB)

I think I’m just starting to hear what I want to hear.


I have just tried both of them and I prefer the sound of the last version.

I really like the intro screen, it seems so professional! One small remark, there seems to be some flickering when the ball is moving…


Yup, if you try some of the earlier versions the flickering was far worse. It’s mostly down to the method I’m updating the screen.

I guess I need to look at the sound again.