[Game]Pysconian Deluxe





My microPython homage to my perhaps all time favourite shooter “Bosconian” is almost done. This is the full-music track, 30 level follow-up to Pysconian 1984.

So done, that I can promise it will be ready next week, launching with some Black Friday special offers.


Nice soundtrack!!!

Btw, are you planning to port this game to old 8-bit computers? The loading screen would look great. And you could get hi-fi stereo soundtrack music streaming from tape (side B) while you play.


MinLib Loading Screen.bin (31.6 KB)


Fun fact: I’ve never owned / programmed a real 8-bit computer. Don’t know first thing about them. Plus the game is coded in micropython, so its a complete rewrite.

The loading screen is nice. Perhaps we should connect a tape drive to Pokitto?


Lol I am actually surprised that we never attempted to make actual cartridges too


Yes, i suggested this already, together with tiny packages and manuals as „special editions“


Would any flash chips be cheap enough for that to be a good idea?


With a pcb + spi flash chip we could actually do cartridges that attach to the PEX header


We don’t even need PEX.


This is a kindly reminder that Pysconian Deluxe is coming tomorrow

This is a sampler from the music tracks, you can change the track in-game (or turn music off) while in the pause mode


Here is a demo of the sound from pure internal speaker:


I was organizing the Black Friday sale, game will be released later today on Black Friday (or during the Black Friday weekend, stay patient!)


Such a shame. Can’t test it - sitting here being ill and with a broken PC - a new one won’t be here before next week :cry:


Get better soon!


Cain’t wait to play this great game game.


Woooooow!!! :heart_eyes:


Great production! How did you make the music?


An amazing logo!


3 commercial songs, 5 Creative Commons 0 (will be listed in the game file), 2 by myself


@bl_ackrain , I love that logo and I would like to use it … but I am afraid it is too close to the original :disappointed:


@jonne everything in this game is close the original the name, the game-play and the graphics, so why not the logo?.