[Game]Pysconian Deluxe



There is a difference, I feel.

Due to the low resolution, every object in this game is hand-drawn by me, and different color to the original. But that logo is (besides the first two letters) too much a direct copy of the original. The gameplay of Pysconian, as you shall soon discover, is also different from Bosconian due to the powerups and other things that change the game. I’ve heard horror stories of arcade companies firing cease-and-desist to pac-man, tetris etc clones. I know the assets in this game are now legit, because I have drawn them.


Yes, one should be extra careful regarding to copyrights if the game is used for commercial purposes, as in this case.



I still have a memory leak issue with the game, and that needs to be fixed, because it can lead to crash in levels above 12

Edit: hoping to release game in 5-6 hours time


I suspect no one of us would go that far in 5-6 hours :wink:


I wont be going far for at least 11 weeks.


What language is the game written in?
If it’s C++ I could have a quick look to see if I can spot the leak.
If it’s Java or MicroPython, maybe someone else could have a look?


Thanks for the offer!

I think it is simply.the fact that I’m using dynamic creation of enemies. In higher levels, the enemies are generated so often, that the microPython garbage collector can not handle the load

Going to switch to a fixed array of enemies



The memory leak issue refuses to go away, and it is a showstopper, because Pysconian randomly crashes in higher levels

Sorry about that. This needs to be fixed before the game is ready to go


Nevermind, better to sort this out!


Its Pysconia day today


Major Game Update to v.2

  • lots of small bugfixes (thanks @carbonacat)
  • difficulty is much better adjusted now
  • unlimited gameplay is possible
  • highscore saves also level reached

Official highscore (v.2) example:


Great! Thanks!
Do you have a nintendo switch?
The game Event Horizon takes the idea even further, got a review copy lately. Game will release in a few days…


I do have one, I will have to check that out.
For some reason this makes me think about one of my favourite Dreamcast games, Armada

Oh and a new highscore…

  1. Oh i don’t know this dreamcast title :thinking:
  2. Yelp! Impressive