[Game]Pokitto Grand Prix



Can I run custom tracks in the simulator?


yes, just make a “pgpdata\tracks\mytrack” folder under the “bin\debug” folder.


My PokittoLib fork and the “PZero2” branch is here: https://github.com/haviital/PokittoLib/tree/pzero2

It has the sources of the latest version


Thanks !!!


That is nice to hear! I personally would like to have simple “undo” and “copy-paste” functionality. I think that would ease making tracks a lot.

How are waypoints not working?

  1. I don’t fully understand how to begin and end the waypoints. What kind of a “loop” is needed. Does the last waypoint need to be on top of the first waypointt
  2. I don’t get any laptimes on my track for some reason
  3. computer players behave weirdly, they stack up on the side of the road and move very weird

Some explanation of the waypoint options would help probably


Waypoints do not need to make a closed loop in the UI. After the last waypoint the ships are heading to the first waypoint. Maybe it would be more intuitive if it did a loop in the UI.
Not having laptimes is a missing feature in beta. I am fixing it.
I have to check how NPC ships are moving in your track.

Sure, waypoints should be explained in detail. I will come back to it soon.


@Hanski and @jpfli

In the words of the immortal Dave Jones this track editor is a

Thing of beauty and a joy for ever!


@jpfli , are you on twitter?


Beautiful! It’s funny how the face billboard “animates” when you approach.

I checked your waypoints. First waypoint should be after the start line. Now computer players stack up because they are making U-turn to reach the first waypoint.



Oh my gosh the way you animated the billboards is amazing!! Didn’t even know that was possible :smiley:


It isn’t :wink: That due the scaling is done by the nearest neighbor method. It can cause funny “effects” for high contrast images.


Well, it could be used by clever developers as a method of animation :wink: that is so cool still.


Yes, he quotes it often, but to give credit where due:



I downloaded what I think is the latest .bin but what is the trick to get the custom backgrounds to render instead of the default? Even Jonne’s Virus track uses the default background bmp still.

I updated MorkLak from my earlier tracks :slight_smile: uses the same track from ScanTrk which is now the modern MorkLak. MorkLak.zip (3.8 KB)


You must have an older bin. Here is the latest one:


That is the one I grabbed (twice to make sure)


And you are sure it flashed ok? Really weird as the same binary works for Jonne.
Could you take a screenshot of “virus”? I would like to see what is the background like.


I have a great theme for my next track…

It is called HothLap :sunglasses::kissing_heart:



Oh my gosh!! AMAZING :smiley:


So, I redownloaded and replaced it a 3rd time, and now it seems to have worked! So, false alarm. My bad.