[Game]Pokitto Grand Prix




We decided to go with larger background, 32 pixels width, to make it look better and less tiled. The downside is that It takes a bit more RAM. Currently there are about 4.5 kb free (in SRAM0). This is how the longer background looks in different themes:
image image image

PokittoGP: PokitGP.bin (135.8 KB)

  • Customizable background texture (32x16 pixels, “BKGROUND.BMP”)

PGP Editor (by @jpfli ): PgpEdit.zip (399.3 KB)

  • Customizable background texture (32x16 pixels, “BKGROUND.BMP”)
  • Added new backgrounds to all themes
  • Fixed issue with zero waypoints


I have no excuses now. I have to make a track.


It is a lot of fun!


I think so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here is a guide for making a 256-color texture atlas, i.e. the theme file. The textures are in the folder: "PgpEdit \ Textures \ " in the editor sources. The transparent (pink, RGB:255,0,255) areas of the sprites 1 & 2 are cropped automatically by the editor when saving to a zip file, 32x32 is just the maximum size.



@Hanski , help! Where do I put the track on the SD card?


Yay ! I got it to work!


-how do I specify the start tile?


Good. So the path in SD is e.g. \pgpdata\tracks\Mars.

edit: @jpfli, the zip file could contain the full path.


There is no start tile. The ships start always from the fixed positions.

Edit: That could be indicated in the PGPEditor.


So player ship always starts from a certain position?


Yes, that too.



Here is our first Pokito Grand Prix track,called Virus

It’s a sort of a homage to old 3D vector games and CRT screens with a twist!

This was a father & son effort, I made the graphics, Tuomo made the track … and he enjoyed doing it alot! So kudos to @Hanski and @jpfli !

NOTE: still needs bugfixing! (waypoints etc)

track.zip (7.0 KB)


That looks absolutely fantastic!! Makes me want to do a Tron type track!


I tried your track, it has a great layout.


Looks great! Very inventive use of the editor (like the “Virus” text on the track).

I am interested to hear comments about the usability of the editor. Is it easy to use? Did you had any problems?


About the waypoints. I am currently impelementin waypoint-related code. In addition to guiding NPC ships, waypoints are used to detect that the player ship goes along the road in time trial. Currently, if more than five consecutive waypoints are skipped, the lap time is not registered any more.

The third meaning for waypoints is calculating the user rank during the race.


A 12-year old drew the track straight out of the box on first try. The only thing that didn’t work was starting position and waypoints.

Only real feedback was “this is fun!”


Thanks, I am very pleased with the outcome myself, there is a very strong sense of 3D when playing and the black-green scheme really pops on the Pokitto screen.


@Hanski : how do I run this in the Emu? Is it possible?

Edit: made an SD card image, did not read the tracks from the img in emu


Have not tried on emu, only simulator and HW. I do not know the state of SD support in the emulator.