[Game]Pokitto Grand Prix



@Hanski, what is the “speed limit” of the waypoints? Range 0-100?


It’s the target speed in percentages for computer players, when they are driving towards that waypoint.


Use the force, Luke!

Looks cool, literally :slight_smile:

Edit: Now I have an urge to change the ships to X-wing and TIE-fighters…
Edit2: And add laser beams, able to move also vertically, remove road edges, add more terrain types and billboards…Oh my, that would be completely a different game!


My thoughts exactly. Your wonderful engine could power other type of games too


Would it be too much to request ramps :grin:?


Not at all :slight_smile: I was thinking about ramps or boosters to add.


Could you add support for custom vehicles as well?
just kidding, great job so far!


Also a request from our Tuomo :wink:

But seriously, booster tiles would be awesome


Why not both :smile:


If some of you make custom vehicle bitmaps tempting enough, I promise to do that :wink:
The size is 22x12 pixels, the height can be a bit more.


How would they (a ramp and a booster) would look like? They should be 16x16 pixel tiles each, but they can be drawn in any direction where the road goes. So the arrow like shape is not good as it looks backwards, when the road is turned 180 degrees.

If possible, I would not like to spend ram (supposing they are customisable) for four or eight bitmaps (e.g. one bitmap for each direction).


A ramp could just be a simple wedge rectangle shape. Sort of like the yellow box type ramp in super mario kart.

A booster can easily just be a different colored striped road. Maybe diagonal patterns to distinguish it. Almost like the energy stripes from fzero


@hanski : I can’t get the laptime to stop, even though I put the waypoints properly


That is a missing feature in beta. Fixed soon :slight_smile:


New track : HothLap

A disorienting, twisty, turny fast track with snow on the road, and with Imperial Troops blocking your way!



hothlap.zip (9.7 KB)


Marvellous! I am watching the clip over and over again. It is mesmerizing! It is funny how the troopers appear to be walking due the non-filtered scaling;-)


There is some sort of bug:


I had to to rename the track folder to “hoth” for the program to find track.txt

On the device… it looks really good :yum:



Just gave the lap a few runs! This is so great! :smiley: I love the sprites too. I was really caught off guard by the snow on the tracks too xD Lost my 1st place position due to that haha. Great work!


Oh yeah, I also had a quick minute to roughly (oh so roughly) sketch out what I mean’t by a ramp and a boost type look: (a boost) boost (a ramp) ramp


Yes I did that by accident (broken road) and then realized it is a great addition to the game dynamic.

This is why the boost tiles will allow to make very much variation to the flow of the game