[Game]Pokitto Grand Prix



How about making the stripes to snake, instead of having straight stripes?


booc.zip (3.4 KB)

Hopefully this fixes some problems :slight_smile: I even added some black borders to make the tree sprites and little huts stand out more. The roofs almost look round now! And I applied some diagonal stripes to the road and it looks much better indeed! To me anyway :smiley:

Edit: I’m going to put all my tracks > here < so it’ll be easier for myself and hopefully others to just grab them whenever they’d like. When I get some time I’ll grab screenshots too so people can see what they look like in-game


Depends what you mean by ‘this kind of engine’.

If you just mean the mode-7-like rendering then I think an RPG would be good.

The one in Double Dash?

It’s a multiplayer battle mode.


I think the snes version was better :slight_smile:


That (booc) is better now. The billboards are very nice and visible. The road is a bit restless due the moire effect.


Well let’s see if the next one I do is even better still! I’m currently making a JavaFX application for rapidly developing tracks easier. Doing the txt by hand and then testing it takes a fair bit of time so this will help do the map drawing very quickly.


@torbuntu feel free to share your track editor if you can.

@Hanski I am waiting for the feature that let’s us change the backdrop before contributing tracks. :wink:


I don’t really have anything yet. Was still trying to go over how to do it in my head.
I was going to just make a really basic gui application in JavaFX which has a view of the text, and then a view for the map that can be drawn on. And when you draw on the map view, it will generate the map text on the other side (in a String). But how to make it do that I haven’t gotten to. Might not even be that helpful if someone has a better way?


Good thing you haven’t done anything yet, because I’m already working on a track editor. There are some changes coming to the game, but perhaps I should release a version of the editor before that.

Edit - Here is a screenshot with the new tile set:


Yes, this was the surprise I referred earlier :wink: @jpfli, may be you can put here a screenshot of the editor UI?


The track editor looks extremely cool! I am now seeing it the first time also.

Here is a list of new cool PokittoGP features in the editor (I am currently implementing those to the game):

  • Tile themes to select (customizable)
  • Diagonal road
  • Variable width road (or actually any width you like!)
  • Todo: Adding waypoints on the track to guide NPC ships. This makes possible to make custom “race” tracks ( not just “time trial” tracks) where you can compete with other ships :slight_smile:
  • Todo: Adding billboard sprites on the track


Oh my gosh! That’s amazing! Yeah forget what I was going to do. This looks amazing :smile:


Is that a linux mint theme I see there :wink:


Yep, linux mint it is (lmde). :slight_smile:


I used to use the ubuntu based version with cinnamon a lot. Switched to fedora last year though because my tooling was easier to setup :smiley: my wife still uses mint though


Progress report: I have now implemented importing of the waypoints created by the PGP Track Editor. That makes possible to create new tracks with waypoints, so that NPC ships can drive in the new tracks also :slight_smile: .

Next step will be taking new building blocks (as seen in the editor screenshot) into use in PGP. The new blocks will be much more flexible and will enable 45 degree corners, diagonal road, and variable width of road.


Getting there.

No more 90 degree corners only.


The road width can vary too.


Great job! Can’t wait for the track editor and for the ability to change the background!


Nice those corners were murder lol


My courses will still have them hehe