[Game]Pokitto Grand Prix



Making tracks with PGPEditor.

  1. Creating billboard objects

    This is how it looks in PGP:

  2. Creating waypoints. The competitor ships will try to follow the waypoints, but each ship has own factors how it adjusts the main speed and turning velocity,


That is so freaking awesome!


This is ridiculously exciting!!!


Nice work! This is shaping up to be one of the best games on the system, maybe even the best!


@jpfli has done excellent work with the editor :slight_smile: When the track is ready, the “export” button produces a zip file containing all the textures and config files, which you can just unzip to the SD card.

The editor will be released as open source (javascript & html).


Beta-release of the new track system and PGP Track Editor is here!

Unfortunately the old custom tracks are not compatible with the v1.1.0 onwards. Note that the release is still beta, as we want to get comments how it works. In the game there are some things which are not implemented, like:

  • Rank is not calculated correctly in the race
  • Waypoints really support only 3 speed values: 100, 75, 50. Radius cannot be changed yet.
  • A custom background is not yet supported.
  • Track specific record times are not supported.

Version 1.1.0 beta:
PokitGP.bin (136.0 KB)

PGP Track Editor (unzip and open “index.html”):
PgpEdit.zip (144.1 KB)

As a bonus @jpfli has added another texture set to the PgpEdit, named as “Mars” (which you might find strangely familiar…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). Now there are 3 themes total, and you can easíly add more. The other two are more familiar “Desert” and “Techno” themes.
Here is a track made with this texture set: Mars.zip (8.3 KB) (unzip to the “/pgpdata/tracks/” folder in the SD card)


Oh my gosh yes!! I’ve been so excited to give this a try!! It is the first thing I’ll do when I get home from work tomorrow :smiley:


The Batcomputer just printed out a slip of paper

This Pokitto GP track editor guy deserves a badge. Get on it Batman!

Your daisy-wheeled word is my command, o’ Batcomputer!

Community Builder -badge is hereby awarded to @jpfli for the outstanding GP track editor



Thanks! I’m glad you like it.


Now the background can be customized too :slight_smile:

Have to wait some time until we get the editor to support that too.

Ps. @pharap I had to change the backgroud tile size to 16x16. The width have to be POT for performace reasons. The size 32x16 could have been a possible too, but every customizable texture eats ram, so I went with 16x16 size. The texture is like this now:
Feel free to change it if you like. The default rom texture is in the GitHub repository in the folder: \PokittoLib\Examples\PokittoGP\tools\genhdr\image_sky.bmp


I’ve been working on making a new track and learning the editor, but found that whenever I save and try to load it on my Pokitto, it says “Scantack.DIR track.txt File is not found!” (scantack is the project name).

Any idea why? Also, when loading Mars it “Invalid tile symbol ‘@’ on line 18.” but it works. So I assumed I needed the @ for a start point? So I tried adding it manually but the Scantack still can’t load…

I uploaded the project in case I did something wrong.Scantack.zip (5.8 KB)

Really love the new editor though!! It makes it so easy to make cool tracks :smiley: I’m really excited to make better courses.



(Can’t wait to see @Vampirics do a track.)

Don’t worry too much about it.
Hopefully I’ll get chance to make some of my own tracks eventually,
but I haven’t found much time for programming and the like lately.

It doesn’t matter that much anyway,
originally I volunteered to donate art because I just wanted to help get the game off the ground,
because I could tell it would be good when it got going,
I never really intended to become the ‘official artist’ or anything.
(Although doing art instead of programming was a nice change of pace.)

Now that the editor is here there’s a lot more people contributing art,
so I’m probably a bit redundant for that part now.

I was expecting it to be a wizarding badge, but I guess technically it’s a tool rather than a Pokitto program.

Huh, the more you know.


This is probably due the bug in 8 -char long dir names. Try a shorter nsme.

The @ probĺem is a missing feature in bin. Try to remove it from the Mars track until I uplosd a new bin

Are there anything you would like to add to make editing easier?


I had some similar problems first, but got it working after removing all old tracks from sd card.

‘@’ is the middle tile of finish line. That symbol was added to the game later and isn’t recognized by the packaged pgpedit version. You can easily fix this by opening pgpedit’s settings.js file and replacing line 8 with this:

    symbols: ".|:!o-~=%\\r,`/+j#@*.",

Also, I just noticed that with no waypoints your track’s object.txt file starts with a blank line and can’t be loaded by pgpedit. If you manually remove that line, then it loads fine. In the track editor add at least one waypoint to avoid this bug.


Right, the old tracks are not supported any more.


I did remove all the old tracks first :ok_hand: I’ll try shortening the name and doctoring up the objects file! Thanks for the help :smile:


So far the editing part is super comfortable! I really like it :smile: if I run into anything that could be changed I’ll let you know.

The only thing I can think of at the moment would be kind if nice is some sort of counter displayed for the used billboards items before you reach the maximum. A way to visually keep track would be nice. Unless I’m totally blind and there is already…


A counter would be a good idea.



PGPEditor: PgpEdit.zip (367.4 KB)

  • Added support for starting grid middle block (’@’)

PokittoGP: PokitGP.bin (135.5 KB)

  • Fixed error when there is only one track in SD and the name of the track folder is 8 chars long.
  • Added support for starting grid middle block (’@’)


Wow! Updates already :smile: amazing. Thank you!