[Game]Pokitto Grand Prix



I finally got my first try at custom textures!! :smiley: I might adjust the field area to be more dark in the distance view, but this is my first attempt :slight_smile:

mork.zip (4.6 KB)


Textures look like a horror movie :wink: I will try this tonight on Pokitto!

Edit: How was my instructions? Did you had any trouble or questions?


The instructions were great! The only challenging part for me was that I didn’t quite understand the indexed colors and how to modify it in GIMP. But once I learned more about that it was pretty simple! I just copied techno and redid the textures one at a time in there.
I’m sure once I get better at art I can make prettier textures :slight_smile:


If you’d mentioned it I could have told you.
I recently figured out how to use indexed colours and modify the palette in GIMP.


Wasn’t anything too bad. A quick read of the documentation and it was all sorted :smile: thanks though!

I want to try making another map now and make better textures. The ones I did were hastily thrown together and pretty sloppy because I didn’t have much time to do them. But with a new track I can take my time.


Please @torbuntu and @Pharap , share you method of changing the indexed colors. This is how I would do it with GIMP.

  1. First make a new full color work image, big enough to contain all the textures (you can expand it later also). Make sure the alpha (transparent) layer is not included (“Layer / Transparency / Remove Alpha Channel”).
  2. Draw the textures. At first copy each texture of the “Techno” track and paste it to the work image. Then modify/replace each texture to your taste.
  3. When everything is ready, convert the full color work image to 256 color image (“Image / Mode / Indexed…” ). Do not use dithering as it looks bad when zooming.
  4. Then export each texture to a separate file like this
    • Select the area of the image that contains the texture (and mipmaps if applicable)
    • Crop the image (“Image / Crop to Selection”)
    • Export the image as e.g. “tex01.bmp” (" File / Export As …")
    • Undo cropping (ctrl-z)
    • Select the next area, etc…


Wow! That track really gives a different feeling!


Somehow it feels like the old Forbidden Forest game fo C64! Only the dark music is missing…

You have so many routes that it almost feels like a platform game :slight_smile:

You could blur and/or darken the mipmaps of the terrain texture a bit. Now, it flickers somewhat.


That’s roughly how I would do it too.

It’s important to be aware that the ‘colourmap’ tab must be used for editing the active palette.
When I was first trying to use indexed mode I couldn’t figure out why the ‘palette editor’ tab couldn’t edit the palette of the active image.

I might try making a track at some point (I’d like to make a forest or a desert),
but I’ve been quite busy recently, hence my relative inactivity on the forum.

Ideally I’d like the background to become editable too so tracks don’t have to have the ‘cityscape’ background.


I was doing what Pharap was doing, with the window color index tables.

I followed your new direction @Hanski and it works great!! Thank you! :smiley: so much easier.

I also made the terrain darker and it seems cleaner to me, I was thinking it needed this so I’m glad it was confirmed.
mork.zip (4.6 KB)

I just made a new track, and have a question, I put the starting point somewhere, but the vehicle spawns in the original location regardless, do all tracks require the same starting point?


Here is the second track in the series by tor.sh! :smiley: I call it Booc Village. With little huts and trees even >_<…

booc.zip (3.3 KB)

After some guidance this was much smoother to make! It is a whole lot simpler than Mork Lake, but still got some fun pizazz I think. Hopefully it is enjoyable.


Yes, currently the ship starting point is always in the fixed position. I have to add that to the instructions.


Yes, that is in the list.


Yay! I think Mork lake would look better with a darker background with some gooey highlighting :wink:



That game is superb! Thanks to point it out to me.

Anyway great job with PGP new tracks!


One of by favourites back then:-) Actually, my link is about the sequel, but the original has a very scary and athmosperic music! I still remember the horror easily :scream:


It seems this could be your next title :wink:
(and yes, I’m pushing to have it playable on Pokitto :grin:)


I like the quality of textures in this one!
Even if the sense of speed it somewhat lost as the road has no stripes, but it makes the experience more peaceful.


After @torbuntu s creations if got to think what other kind of games could be made with this kind of engine, like:

  • a 3D pacman
  • I think some Mario Kart game has a balloon race game where you have to collect all the balloons (or coins?)

Any other ideas?


The mario kart with balloons was a battle-game where you used weapons spawned on the map (shells, bananas) to pop each other’s balloons. Last man standing wins style. Super fun :smiley:


I was going for a sort of “drive through the country village” vibe :slight_smile:

Edit: I could update the road textures to give a sense of speed though if it would make it better?