[Game]Pok15 [WIP]

The classic 15 puzzle game. Born more than 100 years ago, the game scope is to order the shuffled tiles with a minimum amount of moves.

  • Directional buttons moves the tile towards the empty space.
  • Press B if you need to highlight the tiles number.
  • Press C to enter the in game menu.
  • Press A to confirm.

It seems the right game to test the wonderful mode15 by @adekto

Code FemtoIde:
Pok15.zip (286.4 KB)

Latest Bin:
Pok15.bin (165.0 KB)

Latest Pop:
Pok15.pop (441.5 KB)

Old version

OLD Pop File.
Pok15.pop (365.8 KB)

OLD Bin File.
Pok15.bin (164.8 KB)

OLD Code: Pok15 - Classic 15 puzzle | Mbed


This game looks really good!


Graphics are great!


Thanks Filippo and Congratulations!



Nice game. Is there any way you could load it from SD Card (right now it disables the reset function).

Sorry. I forgot disable the developer mode. Will fix later.


Ah thanks, maybe i also will have time later to try. :+1:

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Just updated with a new .bin that should fix. “Should” because I’m unable to test on Hw (long story). Any feedback welcome.

Unfortunately all the graphics were been harvested from the web without keeping note of the authors. So is definitely not my work and I should check again my sources.

Maybe someone would like to submit some artwork. I’ll credit him/her, the only restriction are 16 colors and 160x160 pixel size.

Thank you @jonne but for sure I’ll work on something more interesting. Keep some badge ready :wink:

And thanks everyone for the nice comments here, hope you enjoy play this little game.


Will test as soon as i find time👍

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If you can’t find out who the author is with a reverse image search or can’t get permission,
give a note of what spec the images are (dimensions, colour depth) and maybe forum users will be able to come up with some replacements.

the carpark looks like it’s using the pico-8 palette, that might be a good start?

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Did test it, works great now, thanks. Maybe we could find some nice graphics from Pokitto games/Work in progress games. There are so many nice and unfinished concepts round here, we could at leadt feast our eyes on the artwork this way…


I’d like use pictures from Pokitto’s friends. That was my first intent, but to speed up the release I collect some art from the web.

Please post here your pictures 160x160 @ 16 colors max. I’ll pack them in the game with credits for the author. Now in the game there are 7 levels/pictures. There is space for 10 maybe. The rest for some chip music maybe.


If they’d been 64x48 I could have just sent some of my unused card designs that were intended for @crait’s unfinished card game.

Try to post. Will see how they come.

16-color 160x160 doodling yesterday

Edit: I’m afraid I wont have time to finalize this, its still a bit messy. Sorry.


Awesome! That sweet! Going to add.


Final version


Ok, I try but I’m totally unable to produce something useful. Going to ask help from some of the capable guy here. So here I’m summoning @VonBednar, @trelemar, @adekto, @crait, @Pharap or anyone to collect some (only need 7) pictures using 16 color and measuring 160x160 pixel.
Any subject/palette/theme is welcome

Your name show in the winning screen:


heres my early draft, just asking if this is ok or do you want more stuff on the image?