[Game]Pok15 [WIP]



Perfect! Already an awesome work.


Yes, good work @adekto !

Filippo, here is few of the “official” Pokitto images. I think one (not all) should be used, if used. Pick one or none at all, your call.

It may be that “pixel art” style is more consistent, and this kind of images should not be used.

But in any case, since I had them, and it was easy to make them 160x160x16 here they are.


A low-res entry (since I had the graphics ready). Its actually 80x80 but scaled 2x.


I’ll get round to contributing one when I’m a bit less preoccupied,
but for now, I’ll donate this on behalf of Vampirics from the Pokitto forum.

Hopefully when he’s got more time he’ll be able to make something by hand.


:heart_eyes: Who is this nice guy?


Sorry, I don’t know what his/her name is.
All I know is that he/she is Vampirics’ dog.


She’s called Shadow. On that image she was 6 months old. But now she’s 1 year old.


Thank you. Beautiful girl😍


It’s rather interesting that 16 colors works so well in @Pharap 's photo. I had to check if it really was 16 colors and lo and behold it was.


by Luis Zuno (@ansimuz) (CC0 license = public domain)


Sun in the swamp by JAP (CC0) https://opengameart.org/content/oil-painting-landscapes


Horse of Spring by lancelot_gao (CC BYA 3.0)


Yes it’s surprising how well it can turn out. I basically opened a picture in Photoshop, made it in 16 indexed colours (perceptive) and cropped it at 160x160. Most pictures i tried were looking fine too. Still sorry i don’t have time to contribute something better for now.


Thanks @jonne. Lots of good stuff.
I’ve found this site full of goodies http://pixeljoint.com/ but I can’t understand if I can use any of the material there.
Anyone have experience with their term of use ?


Each image there is going to have its own restrictions, often unstated with a licence, and in general, are there only to be viewed, not to be used by anyone else.
Opengameart is the better source, unless you want to go through the trouble of asking people for permission.


The only term I can see in their terms of use that would affect using the art is the “Limitations on Use” clause, but it’s ambiguous as to whether it’s referring to just the site or to the art submitted by users as well.

In which case, I’d assume the default case of all artists having sole copyright of their art (and giving the website licence to display it) and thus having to ask the person individually if you’re allowed to use their art.


Seems very expansive in terms of time. But I feel it’s something really due, I have a lot of respect the artists capable to produce such a pleasant piece of art with such less resources.
Anyway I’ll will stuck to this community over Opengameart. I have some material now and maybe in future other people would like to post their jobs.


I see there’s a forum, so maybe just post a topic about it and hope that someone answers.

Perhaps even link back here, it’s better to be transparent about the whole thing.
We don’t have anything to hide (*hides skooma*).
Maybe we’ll even get an extra user or two if they like the look of the Pokitto.


Just updated with new graphics.

Thanks all for support.


Just an idea. Would you guys like to organize a 160x160x16 pixel art compo? I will gladly donate a Pokitto for the winner.

Edit: I know there are many ways & existing platforms how to arrange it, but I personally do not have time to do it. If someone can organize rules & way to judge entries, then I am happy to provide prize(s).