[Game]Mars attack



Mars Attack is now available for playing! It is a city destroying game with the famous one-button gameplay.
There are several (do not tell you exact count:-) levels, each with own colors and graphics.
The game is implemented in MicroPython language.

Code by @Hanski
Graphics by JP

Binary: marsatck.bin (212.8 KB) marsatck.pop (489.4 KB)

Highest scores:
@sbmrgd …1910
@meikol …1910
@Rakkachi …1750
@wuuff …1040


Halleej from Tilburg, the Netherlands!

Please put your best score and feedback in this thread


Don’t forget to upload the source at some point (assuming it is open source, it’s fine if it’s not).

We need more games sharing their source as examples of how to do stuff with the Pokitto.


Sure, I will just make some code cleaning first.


Nice game, but it doesnt seem to work if installed trough the loader. Putting it straight onto Pokitto does work.


Yes, there is a problem in the loader with large binaries. @jonne had some idea, what might be the root cause.


As soon as I get a little bit of time I will check this


Ah that…i forgot about that. Funny thing is that is does state “Succes!” but then freezes.


@Hanski : we should just take the bin from the device after updated via SD loader and compare that to the compiled bin and then dump it into a hex editor to see where it does not match.

I think it is the C dtors at the very end of the program, but I might be wrong.


Best score for me so far : 1750 points. Did not pass the grey screen yet.

I do have the idea that the A button doenst always register but this could be just that the bomb did not finish droppping.

I cant seem to set the volume during boot, (you know the obnoxious boot volume setting thingy :wink:) Changing the volume doesnt work in that screen.

If i load the synthtest from the sd it is set to max, and can be changed.


Nice :slight_smile:

Yeah, could be just too early press.

Could be because sound is not enabled in that rom image(?) I have not yet implemented sounds to the game.


Did you use a #define to enable or disable sound ? Or is it made in a way that if it is not defined it defaults to 0 ?


Lol! I will try to fix this. A new bootloader is in the works.


lol, me like :wink:


Finally got to try this. Nice game! Simple, but nice graphics and it has been responsive for me.

Are there always a fixed amount of points that can be obtained per level? Maybe there should be bonus points for destroying towers faster, like more points the higher up the plane is. This would make it so that there is more skill required in the earlier levels to get a higher score, and more incentive to replay them.

That said, the most points I got was only 1040, so I have a ways to go before I would need to use that kind of advanced strategy.


Thanks for the feedback! There is some randomness in the level creating, so the points can vary. I thought that it would be more interesting that way. It is a good idea to get more points if the towers are destroyed earlier.

I will put you in the high score list in the first post!


@Hanski : i have no problems loading this from Sd. went from one game to Mars Attack and back several times.

Is it possible you are still working with an old version of the loader?


Great! I have not tested it myself with that game. I have pretty recent PokittoLib. How do I know if the loader is old?


Oops. It seems the error comes when you go from a cretain program to another. Not with all.

I think there is a checksum error. I will look at it.


The sources for Mars Attack are now published here:

The python sources are in the folder: PokittoLib\Pokitto\POKITTO_LIBS\MicroPython\src_py\