[Game]Mars attack




I have updated the binary.
New in this release:

  • a startup screen with a fancy logo by JP and
  • a background story of the game
  • ByteBeat music in the startup screen.

I put the binary here as I am not allowed to edit the top post any more (!):
marsattack.bin (212.4 KB)


Changed ownership back to you. Try again?


Still no luck. Maybe this is the reason:
There is a configuration item, post edit time limit, that limits for how long posts can be edited. It defaults to 86400 minutes (2 months). 0 means forever.


? ok. I edited it just now. try again?


Nope. I just do not have the pen icon there to be able to edit the top post, or any other post in this thread except what I have made today. Thought I can edit the title of the thread.
I can still edit e.g. Wiki threads I have made long time ago. eird indeed. Weird indeed.


Have you got the full text of that intro available?
There’s one or two grammar mistakes (e.g. ‘have send’ instead of ‘have sent’) and a few things that would improve the wording.

I really like the title/logo by the way.

That’s an ability of all level 3 members (I forget which).
Being able to edit the post should be an ownership thing,
but it might not be.

If @jonne can’t find another solution, one option would be to raise you to trust level 4 which would effectively give you partial moderator powers.

I would presume Wikis are always editable because of the intent of Wikis.
(I.e. a means of storing useful information that is editable by everyone.)


Thanks a lot!


On the other hand “All Your Base Are Belong to Us” is entirely consistent with this genre :wink:


The new binary. Thanks to @Pharap for proofreading my mini novel!
marsattack.bin (212.6 KB)


I have just tried the game. The game looks really nice (+ the logo)! The music however gives me an uncanny feeling… :slight_smile:


That is the sound of algorithm. ByteBeat music: humans are eliminated from the equation :wink:


New binary, added @Pharap and ByteBeat music to the credits.
marsatck.bin (212.8 KB)



The python sources are in the branch:

The python sources are in the folder: PokittoLib\Pokitto\POKITTO_LIBS\MicroPython\src_py\


Unfortunately I am not able to edit the top post any more, but below is the current list:

Highest scores:
@sbmrgd …1910
@Rakkachi …1750
@wuuff …1040


Added resized gif (looks better on gamespage new layout)

Removed warning about SD card because now it works


Could you also copy the latest binary from here [Game]Mars attack
to the top post? I still cannot edit the top post any more if it is too old.


Congrats. You are now a moderator! Try now.


Now I was able to do it


A tip for the future:
For my games, I always make releases and upload the binary in the release. E.g. Minesweeper for Arduboy, Physix for Pokitto.

Then you can link to the latest release with https://github.com/<account name>/<repo name>/releases/latest
E.g. for my Minesweeper game https://github.com/Pharap/Minesweeper/releases/latest

Then you never have to update the link because it always points to the latest version.