Game judging criteria

Game judging criteria

(adapted from a lot of discussions both here and on Discord)

CRITERIA 1: Gameplay mechanics (max 3 pts)

Gameplay is the core play loop. Is it fun? Are the controls intuitive?

3 points - extremely polished and addictive core gameplay mechanism
2 points - very good core gameplay
1 points - working, but lacklustre core gameplay 0 points - buggy or otherwise problematic gameplay

CRITERIA 2: Play time (max 3 pts)

Does the game have replay value or long story? Will you want to pick it up again and again? Will it keep you entertained for hours?

3 points - epic playtime, endless fun
2 points - very good playtime, good for hours of entertainment
1 points - ok play time, good for at least 15 minutes
0 points - not really giving any urge to try again

CRITERIA 3: Presentation (max 3 pts)

Presentation is all about the shiny package. Do the graphics jump off the screen? Do they evoke nostalgia? Are the sound effects ear candy?

3 points - both graphics and sounds are excellent
2 points - graphics are excellent, but sounds are lacking or vice versa
1 points - passable graphics and sounds, does not stop from enjoying the game
0 points - seriously lacking in graphics / sounds department

CRITERIA 4: Story (max 3 pts)

A good story can sometimes sell itself. Is the story in the game compelling? Is it interesting?

3 points - gripping story, have to know what happens in the end!
2 points - very good story, makes the game much more interesting
1 points - story is so-so, but does not spoil the game
0 points - no story / ruins the game

CRITERIA 5: ‘Punk’ theme (max 3 pts)

This is a more loose category, since “punk” can be many things: punk rock, cyberpunk, steampunk, bagelpunk, and so on. This is open to judges’ interpretation.

3 points - YEAH !! Its *#% PUNK! It ROCKS!
2 points - It’s Punk alright!
1 points - It’s kinda punk I guess
0 points - nah mate. This ain’t punk at all

CRITERIA 6: Community Involvement (max 3 pts)

Is it open source? Are the assets shared? Is there a dev log? This category is intended to encourage interaction with the community, but open source is not a requirement of this jam.

3 points - 1)Opensource for game code, 2)all game assets graphics, music license allows others to use, 3)dev blog during jam

2 points - 1)Opensource game code, 2)game assets licensed for others to use and/or dev blog during jam

1 points - One of the above criteria (1,2 or 3)

0 points - None of the above

BONUS POINTS: uses TAS engine (+7 pts)

This jam is encouraging the use of the TAS library included with the Pokitto Library, so using the engine gains a free 7 points.

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judges, @Zockeromi, @tuxinator2009 and @Tuomo, you are free to use these criteria or do some modifications if needed