[Game]Cutie Critters




Available for download here!!


Another epic puzzle game! Here is my first score :smile: thanks for sharing!!


Not bad! But far from my wife’s highscore :wink:


Have to try this, but atm i am :sneezing_face:


The main post could do with a bit of info.
I have no idea what the game is even about.

It looks good though.


To be fair if you click the link you get to the website and see screenshots. And some info :wink:


It doesn’t say how to play though, or even describe the game.
And really we need that info in the forum.


I am sure he will add some info later. I’d do it if I could. A gif preview would probably be nice too.


I have asked @Shdwwzrd if he’s ok that we add the missing tags


A very nice game! My score is far from @torbuntu’s, but I am not sure if I got the idea completely right.


You want to make huge matches of cutie critters. Sometimes getting the small clumps of two or three to combine larger sets helps :wink: You can also press B on a color to sacrifice a life to delete all the ones of that color from the board.


Hey @torbuntu see what I was talking about when I talked about my wife’s scores.


That is amazing!! Wow :scream: I have a lot of practice to so before I get anywhere close…


Well I worked on this specifically for her and that’s her ‘before bed’ game every day since a while lol


:smiley: adorable.


I love it, looks nice on my pokitto (and on my meta also :wink:).


Truly a nicely polished game, quite enjoyable :slight_smile:


Why have I never thought to put some sort of lanyard/keyring on the Pokitto :open_mouth: that is just brilliant!!


I always try to put straps on my handhelds, because i am dumb enough to drop them :laughing:


You’re a genius. Don’t think otherwise :wink: