[Game]Cutie Critters



I am more like:



Those games are fun xD


Btw. Some ingame music would be nice


That might slow the game down… And I’d need to actually compose music? LoL


Nope. Nowadays ingame music can be played from SD with little speed loss. It can be loaded and played with 2 lines of code. As for music, I have some sources. I can suggest something.


I will let @Shdwwzrd choose if he wants to add music. Personally I got used to play without sound on the pokitto.


I love sound/ music in games. Adds to the atmosphere imho.
Even pong and game and watch had sound. I often mute my pokitto when i take it with me, but the buttons are too loud to not disturb people in a silent surrounding :laughing:


That’s really quite macabre…

(*Says the person who watches about 5-10 murder mystery programmes a week.*)


I tried this game for a while and I currently have 3322505 as highscore.
One small remark: the 5th highscore is not saved correctly…


I need to show that to my wife, she finally have competition lol


What are you seeing for the 5th highscore? I haven’t heard of any issues with the highscore system.


Well when I beat the 5th highscore, it seems to get saved but when I turn off the pokitto and back on there is an old value again.


Was any other games loaded between reloading Cutie Critters?