[Game]Brew of the Undead



Yes, you are all right but I feel that the other level should be an action game also. Yes, I know there is e.g. the Puzzle Quest which mixes genres (thought I have not played it), but still.


As much as I love puzzles, I somewhat agree, another action level would make more sense.

Though I’m half expecting this to turn into some kind of tower defence game since it’s already half way there (you’ve got a swarm of zombies and a purely defensive tower guarding the coffee).

Maybe the daytime part should just be about buying upgrades and defences, or repairing the tower?
Or maybe it’s when your performance is graded so you can earn points (which could be spent to repair the tower?).


Here is what I plan to do for the daylight level:

You must collect the coffee bean sacks from the field. Unfortunately, this is also a home district of vampire bats. You are in a hurry because they are chasing you! Try not hit on the
coffee plants or rocks. They will slow you down. Before the day is over, you must have enough coffee beans in the store to survive through the night and zombies.

The gameplay is like this(but maybe upside down):

So only left and right, and occasionally slow down.


Vampire bats are nocturnal…


…if you accidentally wake them up, they become quite angry :laughing:


Angry Bats, that sounds like a hit game :wink:


Correct, but bats look so cool. Which undead creature could be used instead? Maybe I just use creative freedom here and use the bats.


Zombie seagulls. Seagulls can get quite vicious when they swarm.

Alternatively zombie pigeons, zombie chickens or zombie eagles (or even non-zombie eagles).

Or maybe even skeleton seagulls, pigeons, et cetera.

For some reason the ‘Carrion Companion’ from TF2 springs to mind…

Though now I think about it, Yoshi’s Island had skeleton birds too… Skeleton_Goonie


A very nice animation!


The making the day level using placeholder gfx :wink:



Wow, this takes me back…

Looking forward to your game. :slight_smile:


What is that game?


I am in two minds if the “hero” should be a human figure or some vehicle: bicycle, car etc.


Looks like The Ninja on the Sega Master System.


Correct! Dingdingding! :smiley:


Progress report:


Still with placeholder graphics.


Each time I run on the tree, the skeletons come closer, until finally I get to the castle.


Spooky scary skeletons send shivers down your spine… ♫

For obvious reasons I’m biased in favour of keeping the skeletons. :P


They will need to change since it’s from Zelda.


So they are.

I didn’t notice with the colour palette being different.

They’re 2 pixels too tall, but I found some temporary replacements from open game art: