[Game]Brew of the Undead



Creating animations for the game (scaled up):


See? You didn’t need my help at all ! Looking good! Looks like Matti is back for more :wink:


Yes, I could not help it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Matti is in trouble, again!


At this point I think he just like trouble :laughing: I know he will save the day again!:+1:


I am starting to suspect that too… Or the trouble likes him :slight_smile:


Starting to develop your own franchise of games :slight_smile:


If you keep reusing Matti in other games then eventually he might turn into a Pokitto mascot character,
like Link and Mario are for Nintendo.


Here is another version of Matti animation. Made him fatter and added palms to make the hand movement clearer. I think he looks better now, especially in a small size. In the animation there are both versions so you can compare.


Note: I made the graphics in 110x88 screen size (in PyInSky) so this animation area represents the quarter of the Hi-Res Pokitto screen. Matti is the correct size in pixels (16x17 pixels).


Who needs more than 2 frames for animation !?!!?

Good job!


You can manage even by just one frame if you draw the other frame mirrored :slight_smile:


No more placeholder graphics :slight_smile:



This is looking great :ok_hand::+1:


Maybe add a bit more detail to the green zombies that appear during night? The ‘day’ characters look way more detailed.

EDIT ofcourse it looks good already like it is


Well… Only thing not making sense would be why skeletons are chasing him during the day… Or any other monsters…

What’s weird is that the proportions are not the same for character size during the day and night.
We wouldn’t see it it the tower itself was zoomed in on the day scene too I guess.


I was thinking the same thing: why not use the skeletons as well during night?


Probably because having bigger enemies with the night gameplay wouldn’t work as well? I don’t know…


My idea for the night level was like pushing a million of little “ants” with the bars.
Maybe I need to scale up the tower in the day level to make it clear the whole level is scaled up.


This is looking so awesome. Looking forward to a final version :blush:


FYI: Here is the pixel art tutorial which I followed when I was drawing a bush: https://onimille.tumblr.com/tutorials


Release v0.4

Now you can try both levels, night and day!

In the daytime, you must collect coffee beans. Press left or right to collect bean sacks.

At night, you must protect the coffee supplies from being robbed by the coffee-addicted zombies. Use “Energy Bars” to keep zombies away from the tower as long as you can!