[Game]Brew of the Undead

Just out of curiosity, what are these bars? I like the mechanics but don’t quite get what they are… Laser barriers? Now I can see how challenging it can get when there’s holes in the bars. Just needs somekind of multiplier mechanic that would make it so that the more you can push zombie at once in a warp/hole the more points you get (if you even have points in the game).

The graphics are looking much better than before.
The new colour palette works well.

Also, if you do:

static final Procedural[] soundEffects = new Procedural[]
	new arrigd_zombie_roar_3(),
	new breviceps_zombie_gargles(),
	new crocytc_zombie3(),
	new missozzy_zombie_02(),
	new missozzy_zombie_04(),
	new thanra_zombie_roar()

Then you can do:

	if(currentSoundEffectIndex > 0)
		soundEffects[currentSoundEffectIndex - 1].play();
	if(currentSoundEffectIndex < soundEffects.length)
		currentSoundEffectIndex += 1;
		currentSoundEffectIndex = 1;

And then you won’t have to modify the latter code every time you introduce a new sound.

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That is a good idea.

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I am not sure myself :wink: Lasers, energy bars, ? Some future high-tech weapon to protect the base.

Have not thought about it, but having a points system sounds like a good idea.

Instead of broken laser, you could just slow it down. As you know, without coffe operators are just more slow :wink:

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Force fields, of course.


I am now implementing warp holes to where you can push zombies to send them to another dimension :wink:

Edit: Yes, the force field, of course. How could I not remember that? Widely used technology in all known galaxies :slight_smile:

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Or there could be some randomly appearing mines on the ground. If you run into one, your speed slows down for a while.

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Which one you like better, a game where zombies come totally different random way every time, or that they come always the same way, i.e. no randomize at the start? In the latter case you can learn to remember the pattern the come from the start.

Zombie pattern. Will allow for some weird things happens. It will require more time to tune, probably.

Well have a list of pattern that gets randomized at the start would be cool too.

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Here is a list of the possible features (Thanks to all who have suggested those!). Probably i am not going to implement them all.

  • If the zombie gets to to tower, it drinks on coffee and as a result (force fields get power from coffee!) the force fields in the bars get holes
  • Have a warp holes where you can push zombies
  • Have mines which, when hit, cause bars to slow down movement
  • There appear power updates which you can pick with the bars. power upgrades fix the holes and speeds up the bar.
  • There is a night field and a day field

Release v0.3.
The first field is ready. Can you survive through the first night?!


  • The force fileds are falling a part as the night goes on
  • The “Time left” meter
  • Double the amount of Zombies
  • Fps counter


ZombieFlock.bin (68.0 KB)


An idea: What about if the there would be a separate day and night games, with a different game logic? In the daytime, you must collect the coffee, at night you must protect the coffee from zombies.The daytime creatures could be something else that zombies.


A POLL: Which one do you prefer for the “daylight level” which follows each nightime level.

  • Same mechanics, but trying to guide coffee carrying “friendly” undeads to the vault in the middle
  • Totally different mechanics (e.g. Frogger-like mechanics but avoiding/jumping over undead creatures and trying to take coffee beans to the vault.)

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How about a Pipe Dreams type daytime puzzle game? Trying to fill up the reservoir before night falls…

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I am terrible at designing puzzles :worried:

Just let random() design them for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pipe dreams is like Tetris. It’s not a puzzle. Liquid begins to flow and you hve random pipe pieces appearing

Edit: ok its a puzzle but can be randomized

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Easiest way to create a puzzle is just to start from the solution and breaking it. That way you know the puzzle is solvable. Incorporating random things in it is what makes it harder to do,.but it adds a lot in the replayability department.

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