Frogger is a perfect game for uPython!

Oh my! I think I found the perfect candidate for my MicroPython demo game for Pokitto: My old favourite Frogger !

What makes it perfect is that it is a portrait mode game, but the upper and lower parts of screen are not needed at the same time. So I can make it vertically scrolling, without ruining the gameplay :slight_smile: I really like the idea that I can make the objects bigger as I do not have to show the whole gaming area at once.

Frogger also suites very well for children (ok, there is mild violence) :slight_smile: as one of my goals in the uPython port is making coding easier for kids. As a demo game all would be totally open source, and free to use and modify the codes.

Who would like to attend the game project and make graphics for it?
Also we should invent a new name for the game, any suggestions?


* Squish * :(

Yes, because Frogger™ is trademarked.

Animal Cross… oh wait…

“Frog Crossing”?
“Why Did The Frog Cross The Road?”?

No, wait, best one of all:

“Kero Kero Crossing”!

(“Kero kero” is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the noise a frog makes.)


Frogitto! :wink:

    _    _
 ./        \.
( .        , )
 \ \_\\//_/ /
  ~~  ~~  ~~
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@Hanski I would like the gameplay to be such that there is a frog that’s jumping slowly in random places across the road (computer mode), and you quide a Pokitto character which is trying to catch the frog, hence the name “Catch the Frog” or “Pokichase”. If the frog makes it safely across, then one life is lost. However if you catch the frog you gain one extra life. If you get run over by a car, then bad luck, you loose one life. With two player “challenge mode” one player can be the frog and the other player the Pokitto character. Then in “classic mode” the game becomes the classic Frogger, but you can choose which charcter you wish to be the hero.
How does this suggested gameplay sound? Weird, interesting or plain dumb?

This is an excellent name!


This is a nice idea :slight_smile: But the frog should have some AI not to crash on the first car.

The AI is exactly what I meant with the “computer mode”. And as levels pass, the AI makes the frog to move faster, undestructible and the poor gamer has to try to move faster and faster to avoid the obstacles and accidents that await to happen. :grinning:

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Should I add this to the Pokitto Game Index under the name “Frogitto?” (I can change it later if need be.)


Yes, please. A python game.

How about having the frog/player carry pieces of Pokitto (front panel, back panel, PCB, LCD, Buttons) across the road, so it can put it together?


Yes, why not. @trelemar is making Jetpac. I think it would be good idea to build Pokitto from parts in that game also :slight_smile:


Hmm. Good AI might be too complex for the demo game. Maybe the frog could just jump on the car and travel for a while?

I am still looking for someone to draw the graphics? A couple of cars, the frog and the little Pokitto would be enough at this time. Or just one of them if more people are contributing.


What size do you have in mind for the sprites?
8x8, 16x16?

And what about the colour palette and style?
Cartoony, realistic, scifi, fantasy?

Thanks! For now only 110x88, 16 color mode, is working with uPython. So I think 16x16 would be good for objects. As this is also for the kids, i think colorful palette would be nice. You can select the style as you wish. To me the car looks nice :slight_smile:

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I’m presuming it can be any 16 colours in the palette?

(I haven’t actually got round to reading much about the Pokitto API, I’ve been working on other things and waiting until the Pokittos actually ship before I get stuck in.)

Also, I don’t intend to make all the sprites, I think it would be better if we had several people donating different sprites so it’s a bit of a group effort.

Presumably some will make it in and some won’t, but I certainly don’t mind if my sprites don’t get used, I’ll just find another purpose for them.

Is there a list of desired sprites?

I’m guessing you’ll want cars, frogs, lillypads and logs, but I don’t know what other things you might want.

Made a few simple sprites:

(Truth be told I’m a better programmer than I am an artist, though I dabble.)

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What do you use to make sprites?

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To draw them I use regular old MS Paint. Then I use GIMP to turn them transparent.

(I did have a powershell script that I wrote to turn a specified colour transparent but for some reason it doesn’t work with some images. I’m presuming it’s because it won’t introduce an alpha channel if there isn’t already an alpha channel in the image, so I’ll have to look into it.)

No idea how to turn them into something the Pokitto can read. I’m assuming there’s a tool for that somewhere.
(If there isn’t I’ll just write one.)

I just cropped & scaled original frogger screen to 110x88.

Seems like 16x16 is too big. The frog is even smaller than 8x8, but lets make it 8x8. Could you redraw the frog and one car in this size? I can test it in simulator before making any new gfx.

Edit: the palette is not fixed.

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