Frogger is a perfect game for uPython!

Are there any other options, like using less colours?
8x8 is very small indeed.

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Thanks for the sprites! I will soon come back with the python gfx demo.
Pokitto supports also full resolution 220x176 with 4 colors.

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Assuming transparency is included in the colour palette rather than done with a mask, a palette of black, white, grey and transparent might be viable:

(Though I’m not sure how fun kids would find grey graphics. In my day it was fine but I suspect the current generation of children has higher expectations.)

Or black, white, green and transparent:

And if masks are able to be used, black, white, grey and green would work too:

Yes, there should be transparent color also. Hmm, I find more colorful game more inviting(!) Yes, 8x8 is very small. Maybe we could grow it a couple of pixels, but lets see how it looks on the simulator.

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If you need any differently sized sprites let me know.

I think I will wait until you’ve got a small demo going to test the sprites on before I start designing any new sprites, otherwise I will end up with lots of unused sprites lying around.

Yep, let’s do that. Let’s see if I have time to package the preliminary python changes with the simulator so that you can also try it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had Code::Blocks installed on my computer. I was hoping to try to get the simulator running in Visual Studio before resorting to installing Code::Blocks.

If you are busy there’s no need to hurry.
Besides which, it’s your game so it’s more important that you are happy with the sprites.

If you want some 8x8 sprites, I am happy to help :slight_smile:

I did a quick mockup:

We won’t have good looking cars in 8x8, but we can always change the setting to something else (a factory where pokittos are made?) , but maybe 8x16 cars are ok?

Here’s the current spritesheet in 100%

Edit: oops, sorry, didn’t notice that @Pharap was already working on it. Should have read the whole thread :stuck_out_tongue: No need to use those, I might turn it into a quick Pico-8 game instead :slight_smile:

Edit2: Added black bg for readability.


Don’t let me stop you, the more the merrier.

I’m not too worried about whether my sprites get picked or not since I’ll keep them around for something else if they aren’t. I freely admit I’m a better programmer than I am a sprite artist.

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In that case, I will make a mockup of frogitto in a factory setting, see if there is anything to it.

Beautiful! Thank you!

I think we might need somehow to change the gameplay or setting so that we do not get Konami after us (?). I mean that frogs, cars and barrels are common enough not to alone cause copyright issues (unlike e.g. Pacman or Mario which are very recognizable), as they are not copies but new drawings. But gameplay and setting should be different enough, to avoid that kind of problems. @Olli already an idea of a different gameplay in this thread.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. We are making a small non-commercial game, that has frogger like mechanics. You can’t copyright game mechanics, and I am pretty sure Konami has much bigger things to worry about.

Also, Frogger is easy enough to program (so easy that, even I could make a simple version :stuck_out_tongue: ) and it is simple to play - like you said: a perfect game for uPython tests!

We can change the setting, but I would like a frogger like game on the Pokitto :slight_smile:

We are very limited by the sprite size, but I am open to other ideas for themes/settings.

One idea I had is to play as Pokitto delivering itself to different houses, but I am not sure if I can make a decent animated Pokitto sprite at this scale (also I would love to keep the jump mechanic, as it seems more fun than just walking to avoid stuff, and pokitto doesn’t seem too jumpy :wink: )

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Here is a very good article about the copyright subject:

Edit: And this too:

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Those are pretty interesting articles, thanks for those.

The later one seems more like an exception or a “learning opportunity” that Namco wanted to make.

I am all up for changing the game to not be a strict clone. If you (or anyone else) have some ideas and what sprites would be needed, post them here.

I just need a list of sprites and I can start working :slight_smile:

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Great! I try to get the first demo out soon (maybe tonight :slight_smile: ) to verify the sprite size of the frog at 8x8 is ok. There is not any other restriction of the frog size but the screen space, e.g. there should be enough space for the frog to see the cars in advance. So the cars etc. can be little bigger also, e.g. 10x10 or 20x9 etc.

Hi folks! Any ideas for the setting or the gameplay to make this different from the original? How about turning the road to go vertically instead of horizontally?