Early Bird Kit Question

I’ve just backed an early bird kit.

But a question is what color is the early bird Kit ?

I have ordered green, pink and orange. blue is coming a bit later. You will get to choose, dont worry!


Really Nice.

How will you managed the futur choice ?
Did you contact us one by one ? (kickstarter don’t let us choice any option, just the backed choice :wink: )

You will get a question when you collect your reward. Its automatic.

If it’s in any way possible, it would be so cool to see Pokitto in a transparent shell like the prototype.

Or maybe black like in one of the pictures… But transparent would be really nice.

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I have good news. I have ordered also transparent pink and transparent green. I have a feeling they will look AWESOME!!


But Kickstarter does not allow me to make “renderings” so I did not make a picture

Awesome! Transparent Pokittos will definitely look AWESOME! Thank you!

but wait? No transparent white? Or rather, translucent.

If clear transparent, green would be cool too though.

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Don’t worry. My friend runs the factory. If we need white, we will get it.


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Ahaha, now that’s a great friend to have, indeed!

does this mean you’ll offer other color options for early bird backers as well as the 4 colors listed? I’m okay with tangerine but if there are other choices…
Can we see pics of the transparent covers on a Pokitto?

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Hi @Jelle and welcome to the forums

Kickstarter does not like rendered pics. I have ordered translucent green and translucent pink color variants as well, but in order to show them I would have to make a 3D rendered image.

I know transparent looks cool, and I will now (based on the feedback) make sure we get some transparent options as well.

My buddy works as the production manager at the plastics factory. The factory is 11 minutes from my house by car. So I can do alot of things that people buying cheap parts from china can’t.

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But Kickstarter does not allow me to make “renderings” so I did not make a picture

Well if you do, feel free to post them here :wink: we will accept them happily

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Will do! I will fire up blender. Or go to sleep. Or both :dizzy_face:

I will wait then :smirk:

JK JK i guess you earned your sleep today

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Personaly I like the orange and the black colors :wink:

im leaning on the green one, though i would totally buy more shells if there on offer so i could mix and match

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It is so hard to see which shade of green the Pokitto realy is. In renders like your profile pic it is acid green, however in the Kickstarter promo video it looks more like a ‘flat’ kind of green. Fingers crossed for intense acid-like shades :sunglasses:

The green pigment for the actual plastic is like a really fresh green apple, almost neon. Difficult to paint for prototypes, and you can see it in the way its so different in different images.

I’d love to get all 4 colours in a pack, any chance you could add that as a reward tier?