[DRAFT] Gory Road


It’s a dark day and you are alone in your car.
Alone in a world fallen the chaos, where zombies roam freely never respecting the road rules!

Your shotgun will open the way to home. Will you find it?

Drive the car, shot, splat the zombie! Repeat.

@HomineLudens and @Vampirics join together again!
After the success of Canabalto the fantastic duo try again to bring to life a great game!



I love the story and idea.

Very deep.




how about a ballistic projectile that fires forward? then you have to estimate when you arenat the right distance to fire


Would be more like a sniper game when the idea was to drive and shoot :wink: but that could be an idea for another game.


Looks very atmospheric!


Actually it’s a nice idea.


Could make the game camera follow the bullet instead of moving the player forward. Like a bullet-cam


I’d play it.


It looks really cool!

The D-pad moves the reticle and also the car?


Yes, left right for the car, up down for the cursor.
Honestly the development is quite stuck, but never say never.