Canabalto is a conversion for Pokitto of Canabalt, the precursor of “endless running” game.

With his work Adam Saltsman made a never ending classic, and this is our little homage to a perfectly balanced experience between the fear of an invisible threat in a dystopian world, and the lightness of a perfect jump to reach unknown safety.

7 1

12 5

Gameplay is straightforward, just one button A or B to jump at the right moment.
You can play both single player and simultaneous local 2 player on the same Pokitto.
Second player use any key of the D-Pad

External inputs is supported trough PEX so you can attach a big switch and jump over it!
PIN17 for player 1 PIN4 for player 2
Just connect a wire from 3.3V pin to the desired input to make your avatar jump.

Developed in Java using FemtoIDE by @FManga


POP: Canabalto.pop (481.3 KB)

BIN: Canabalto.bin (204.6 KB)

@HomineLudens and @Vampirics

[DRAFT] Gory Road

This is a really great game. A big thank you to @HomineLudens and @Vampirics for the hard work!


Congratulations you two, it’s a well polished game and is lots of fun to play! :smile:
Highscore so far: 1875m.


3048m here… Now waiting for a new score to beat :wink:



Did a tiny 1052m. Great game!! Very well animated and straightforward


My high is 1334 m :slight_smile:


Just hit 1606! So for now I’m bronze:
@Vampirics 3048 (WTF)
@FManga 1875
@HomineLudens 1606


Yeah, @Vampirics is in the WTF class on his own


Oh oh. Say bye to second place @FManga



I probably won’t ever top that but will try as soon as someone beats me :wink:


Bloody hell, my ears! How do I turn the volume down!?


Press the reset button.
Edit: Or press and hold C when turning on the Pokitto.


I’m not a fan of the colour-shifting menu, it’s very distracting.
Is there a ‘static colour’ option?


There isn’t. Maybe it can be added once that menu has its own cookie to store settings (such as the volume) in.


Great port in every (!) way:
Graphics (including the intro)
Pause and Menu function

  • perfect


Thanks @Zockeromi :blush: is very important heard this from you!


I am glad you like it. @HomineLudens worked hard on it :wink:


@Vampirics just make all the awesome assets, test hundred of times giving the best suggestions, propose the 2 player mode, keep pressing me fo a release :wink:, correct my grammar, make the pop file and cover, direct the intro animation…
So yes I worked hard :grin:


This game is very annoyingly addicting