Cross-platform multiplayer

Since the Pokitto has I2C, would it be possible to play local multiplayer games with another device communicating by I2C? I’m specifically thinking about the Gamebuino here. Could a multiplayer game designed for the Gamebuino and ported to the Pokitto work without modifications when the two devices are connected? This would be exciting for people who don’t want to buy two Pokittos but already have a Gamebuino, or who want both devices. I appreciate the game compatibility with the Gamebuino and Arduboy already, but this would be a nice additional feature if it works.

Another interesting feature that perhaps could be made eventually would be some way of connecting a physical Pokitto to the Pokitto simulator by connecting it to a PC, or even conecting two physical Pokittos over the internet (I think somebody in the Arduboy community did something like the latter, but I don’t remember what games, if any, ended up working with it). This obviously would be more along the lines of “unnecessary fancy feature” than necessity though.

Thanks for the link to that thread, but I already read it. I understand that you are intending that thread to be a sort of “all-encompassing” thread about connecting Pokittos, but the discussion has gone in a different direction entirely from my post in that thread.

In addition, I thought that my question was different enough that I should post it separately (I was not asking about how to connect two devices, but rather whether a Pokitto and Gamebuino they would work without code modification). My side comment about connecting a Pokitto to the computer or two over the internet was more about library implementations than hardware connections (cables, bluetooth, wifi, etc…). I thought it was sufficiently different for a separate topic, plus I thought that there wasn’t an issue with starting new topics that are somewhat related to previous ones.

If you click on the time stamp at the top right of a post, you will get a drop down with a + New Topic link. Clicking on + New Topic will create a new topic with an automatically included link to the post you started from.

If you had of done that, it would be clear that you were branching off from a related topic that you were aware of.

just recompile for pokitto and should in theory work, since library compatibility
i you can even update the graphics on the pokitto version

if not i have proposed an generic interface that could be used on many devices using many different convections (wifi, rf, ir bluethooth)
but thats just an idea to make it easier

I2C SDA/CLK and GND are exposed on the header (GPIO Header Pinout) so this should work. Also looking forward to try this. Here are some simple arduino based examples:

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