No USB Host mode? and discussion of other multilink possibilities

It looks like the LPC11U6x only supports USB device mode, not host mode. I guess connecting two units via a USB OTG cable, for multi-player gaming, won’t be possible?

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@MLXXXp Direct USB device to device is not possible at the moment, but this is something that absolutely needs to be looked into. Pokitto was designed to be modular, and I really like this idea.

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What is the current multiplayer connection port? I think i2c like gamebuino is the best option.

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Still need to develop a better cable solution though

I think another i2c port outside the header is good for wired connection. And maybe with esp modules online multiplayer games also possible. Who knows

got the same idea esp module community concept
i think you can do esp to esp connection, but preferably ether wired or module the code for the game would be preferably the same

Lots of people are excited about the ESP modules. The bad thing about ESP modules is that they are hungry little pigs :hamburger::hamburger::hamburger::hamburger:

Minimal power consumption of about 70mA when doing nothing and above 100mA when when transferring data makes it rather impossible to use it on battery power for a longer period of time. Set of 2 AA batteries would be drained in less than a day. Not good.

In the early stages of the Pokitto I was considering integrating wi-fi with an ESP but the power consumption when transmitting is just outrageous.

This is going off topic so I’ve started a new topic to discuss linking units:
No, I guess not. I’ve reach my maximum “new topics” limit, so topic expanded.

i2c is not really meant for long distance connections.

A wireless solution has been suggested here.

If the expansion connector brings out one of the UART’s signals, I suggest making a hat which uses RS485. A 3.3v low power RS485 transciever, such as the SP3485, could be connected to the UART pins

A pair of 3.5mm headphone jacks could be used for cabling, allowing off-the-shelf cables to be used to daisy chain two or more units.

thats wifi in a nutshell, so add a battery to the hat?
alternative are tangled wires, unreliable but cheap IR, idk if bluetooth is any better

the thing is that wifi would add more then just linking locally but also access to online game functions and adding I in IoT device

while looking to LPC11U6x datasheet look what i found

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The lpc11u68 is a really cool chip. There are loads and loads of features that i have not yet looked at