Ahem! I'd like to thank some people. "ding ! ding!" (taps glass)

Thank you! I wish I could contribute more, but life kinda got in the way… here’s to hoping that the future will hold a tad more free time :slight_smile:

I am really glad to be a part of this community! Such open, friendly and welcoming communities and few and far between on the internet nowadays. Not to mention that I have learnt a lot from the guys and gals here and I bet I will learn even more!

So, thanks to you @jonne and thanks to everyone else in the community :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone for the kind words.

I am here at Pokitto HQ packing your shipments. And it really gets me in a good mood. Over the couple of months I’ve gotten to know some of you really well, and I am really happy to be packing your individual color choices into the boxes, knowing who the package is going to. This is an additional bonus of having such a talkative community.

And, man. There were some oddball requests among the Kickstarter survey results! Someone wanted early prototype covers, others had other “tiny” wishes :joy:

Ahh… I’ve tried to fufill every funny whim so far. Lets see how long I can keep up!


Kinda like sending your babies off to their new homes and you know they will be good ones because they’re friends :slightly_smiling_face:


Is anyone else hoping that the Pokittos are sent with the fastest possible service, possibly utilising some form of time travel so they arrive in Thursday’s post? :laughing:


If that worked id get one before i as able to order it.


A certain blue police box just stopped by, I was hoping after your comment it was the Pokitto being delivered, but it was just the Pizza I ordered :P


Kind of makes me wish I had made an oddball request, haha. I didn’t put any comments at all in my survey.

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Well seems Pizza also gets delivered where its needed not where it wants to go :wink:

Do you know what beer this is?


Yes, but its actually FIRST POKITTOS SHIPPED BEER !!!



That’s well deserved! Enjoy :slight_smile:


[quote]Kind of makes me wish I had made an oddball request, haha. I didn’t put any comments at all in my survey.[/qoute]

I’ve been thinking the same myself. I fact I’ve been trying to think of something a could have asked for and keep coming up blank.

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Will we receive tracking numbers?

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Yes. Be aware that US/CA/Americas stuff is coming from US and has not been shipped yet. Daniel is working on it.




She’ll never write, Charlie Brown. Over the next week or so, I’m expecting my first PyBoard, a developer sample for the T8SG transmitter running software I work on, and the Pokitto. And I’m on bed rest probably for a month☹️


Hi, I am still waiting for my Pokitto in France. Is it normal?

No its not normal. PM me your real name / KS email address. I think I know who you are and you should have gotten a package.

EDIT: If your name is J.R. I think your package may have gotten lost.

Cross-checking the list from Omniva and my list there is 1 package missing. This is probably my mistake, not theirs.

I just received a new shipment of PCB’s from USA, and will be putting them out this week. If your name is J.R. & you did not get a tracking number from me & no package, a new package will be sent this week. I apologise.



Some backers have been contacting me about this, and they feel they have not gotten their package in the order they backed the project.

This is not true. I have taken care that we have proceeded in the order of the backers. I have slipped in 1-2 packages in to each shipment out that were people mentioned here, but those have been “extra packages”. Other than that we have gone through the list exactly number by number.

My partner Daniel is having lots of problems with making the PCB’s - that is true. There have been lots of issues that have slowed him down. The main thing is that he manufactures many products and Pokitto is just one thing stressing his capacity to the max. We’ve been trying to outsource the production for about a month now, on both sides of the Atlantic, but it is not easy. The quotes we have been getting are much, much, much more expensive than what it costs us to produce these boards with Daniels equipment.

We are seriously close to getting them all shipped out. Do not lose faith just yet.


I can’t wait until I get mine! :slight_smile: I hope that others in the US are getting theirs, but I haven’t seen anyone on this side of the ocean really say they’ve gotten theirs.


@wuuff got his already. Yours was in the same lot.