Ahem! I'd like to thank some people. "ding ! ding!" (taps glass)

As some of you have noticed from my updates, the day of first Pokittos shipping is very close. In fact, it will be wednesday unless something totally unexpected happens.

I want to thank all of you for having taken interest in Pokitto and having made these forums lively - even when the product had not been shipped yet!

Especially, but not forgetting the rest, I’d like to thank the following community members for their outstanding activity and contributions both on talk.pokitto.com, on twitter and on github:


All of you have contributed lots of graphics, code, good comments and in general motivated me with your almost daily input. Thank you for that!

As a token of my gratitude, I will (with Daniels help) try to arrange so, that your Pokittos are among the first batches sent out. I can not guarantee this because we are shipping from 2 locations. I will also need to take care that earlybird backers do not feel cheated (for example some of you have joined in after the Kickstarter campaign - in which case earlybird backers get their rewards first).

In short, I will try to be as fair as I can within the limitations.

Thanks to everyone else too, we all make up the Pokitto community. My aim here was not to single out “favourites” among the community. When someone has put in a lot of effort, the least that should be done is to acknowedge it.

So let’s give ourselves a big round of applause!

Things are only going to get more exciting around here, have no fear!


IMO one big reason why people have been so active here is that @jonne has also been very open and actively attented to discussions. That was the thing that I immediately noticed when I was watching this forum for the first time. That really makes us more engaged and make us feel like we are the part of the project team :slight_smile:


Thank you for the Pokitto and mostly for its great simulator ! Thanks to it we could try the Pokitto before reveiving it, congratulation for that :wink:


I agree with @Hanski, when the people running the show are open with the information it serves as encouragement to all of us to keep the project alive.

Just wondering, do you know who we are in relation to our Kickstarter accounts? I don’t remember any of my details overlapping between here and Kickstarter.


Yay! I am special. :3


Firstly, thank you for recognising and rewarding everyone’s contributions. I’m sure everyone named is truly grateful and they all have certainly made some excellent contributions.

I also hope the earlybird backers are not upset by this, but personally I think it is fair given the magnitude of contribution the people listed have made.

Without some of these contributions the capability of the shipped Pokittos would have been much less than what they will be when the day comes. In fact I dare say some of these contributions have probably contributed to speeding up shipping for everyone.

I have also been wondering this.
Personally, I’ve preemptively sent @jonne a PM with the details.
(Hopefully he won’t be too inundated with these though.)


@spinal : pm me the email or other id if your ks profile has zero overlap

same for everyone else, if you want to be on the safe side! :smile:


You make ur life more fun those last week and the next and wonderfull thing will come soon this is just a start :wink:


FYI, There may be some early bird backers like myself who have learned in the past not to trust simulators for game development, I’m happily waiting for my pokitto so I can start game development…I’m backer #6
Neo Retro Games


Thanks @jonne for showing appreciation like this. It would be wrong for me to say I think I deserve to be on that list, if anything maybe just at the bottom of it. I have turned into more of a lurker around here and still have Pokitto within my crosshairs. I’ve been busy with other stuff unrelated to this platform but still check in time to time to see what you guys are making because I still love what Pokitto is and what it will become. Along with the fact that there’s a few different people here that I have relationships with outside of pokitto itself. Although I haven’t done too much with it, it’s given me connections working with various talent people and I’m super grateful for that! I’m excited to see what everyone makes when the device finally gets into your hands. I was one of the people who came here and missed the Kickstarter campaign so right now I’m not expected to receive one. With that being said I’m not too sure about my future with making games for it, but will sure be around to see what you guys make! What an exciting time :slight_smile:


And thanks to you @jonne for the hard work on Pokitto!
I appreciate the recognition, though I have no Pokitto to be shipped. I cannot wait to eventually get one.
This little device is just so cute and friendly I can see how welcoming it will be especially to kids and the armchair hobbiest, it just begs to be used and I love the option for kit or pre assembled though I’d go pre assembled for the experience though if that one bonus of being ready to go out of the box will win over a new user it’s done it’s job.
Again thanks for the awesome little device.


I totally know what you mean. The simulator really becomes a very efficient tool, when you have the hardware also. Then you know where the real-world limitations are.

Even so, 90% of the stuff (if not more) that has been done by the community so far has run first try without issues.


What a new, what a awesome Monday!
Thanks @jonne you’re a true motivator!
This will absolutely be the best Pokitto ever!
(too much “!” I know )

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All I can say is I’m surprised to see myself on that list. I also would rather work with hardware I have, and while I have some things I can’t wait to try, I haven’t done anything more than make suggestions. But I appreciate the thought in any case.

I don’t know if I have any overlap with Kickstarter, but I’m not particularly worried about it. I’ve got major surgery scheduled for tomorrow, and may not be up to sitting at a desk do anything with it until well after it arrives (I am an early bird). Getting better sort of has to take priority.


Statistics do not lie. I can see how many comments / topics have been started by different people.You are pretty high on that list

Also, you put in some useful information, for example I did check out how things had been documented on DeviationTx site

This is not a beauty contest, I just wanted people to know that I follow closely whats going on here and take the time to read the feedback and suggestions and want to see that continue now that the hardware begins to ship


Good luck with the surgery also. Yep, health is priority #1

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In other words, I talk a lot. That, I knew. Glad you found them useful.

And we appreciate you doing that. It’s one of the reasons I’ve stayed excited about the Pokiito!


I understand what you are saying but I can’t work on code without the hardware, call it a phobia. Ever since the early days of cellphones I only use simulators for clean up after the engine is running on the device. The sooner I get the device the sooner I can start developing games for it, the current plan is to make a metroidvania.


I am happy to inform that today we have hired Aaro to speed up the assembly of Pokittos.

This will more than double the output, because I can’t be soldering all the time.

There will be a second interview as well for another person.


Thank you for making such a cool device, Jonne! I wish I had been able to contribute more, honestly. I have also been waiting to get my hands on the hardware before trying things, plus I like the idea of developing games for the lowest common denominator (the Gamebuino, with the tiniest screen resolution of all supported devices) and then creating an enhanced version for the Pokitto. Something about that seems exciting, maybe because any games made that way can be played on the most diy devices possible.

Anyway, I’m excited for my Pokitto. Thanks for your openness and updates! You help make this community welcoming.