Hello friends,

I’d like to invite you to play this game with me that has become my obsession over the latest months, I’d love to see some of you on the servers. It’s a completely libre game, i.e. not only is the engine free/open source, the whole game with all its assets is, and it’s one of the best libre games nowadays – I’d even go as far as saying it’s one of the best games of its genre ever made, even in the competition of such proprietary games as Quake Champions. If you’re only interested in the gameplay and nothing else, this means you get the game for free, for Windows and GNU/Linux, with complete freedom of configuration, without ads, microtransactions, lootboxes, Steam, surveillance and other things you may find wrong about today’s gaming. Just like the good old days.

It’s an arena shooter, which is not everyone’s cup of tea, but to a specific kind of people it becomes a real addiction. What I love is the community, which is rather niché and small (that’s usually for the better), and it consists of super cool people, just like the Pokitto community, mostly adult programmers and computer savvy people, so the chats are real fun. The game has its famous people, memes, injokes, everything. Don’t play it with your children though, there’s profanity, as you’d likely expect, and the game’s chat is pretty much completely uncensored.




This is basically what Quake III was (it’s built on top of its engine), but very much improved, with many new ideas, concepts, maps, weapons and graphics. For example most weapons have a secondary fire and added functionality – e.g. the rocket lanucher missiles can be guided and curved behind corners by holding the mouse button, and exploded in air with right mouse button, which allows to e.g. do double jumps by shooting a rocket behind yourself in the air and exploding it immediately. Also new game modes add a lot of fun, besides the classic DM, TDM, CTF and such there is e.g. freeze tag, key hunt, even a football or trouble in terrorist town. There are also online stats etc.

Check out:


And if you find the game too complex, this has helped many:


I play on [WTWRP] servers, usually [WTWRP Votable], am named drummyfish.


Looks super interesting, too bad my computer at home is too dated to even think about running this :laughing: I have a really old Thinkpad that is just good enough to compile Arduboy games and let me run the Adobe Suite.

From what I’ve heard you need a pretty powerful hardware for this :smiley: Anyway, you can configure the game to real low settings, mine looks like this (though it’s more for competitive reasons):

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As it’s free I will still at least try and see how it goes :blush: thank you for sharing!


I play this too sometimes! That’s funny :smiley: but I never use the audio or chat haha.

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I may be fragging you and don’t even know about it. Say hi the next time :slight_smile:

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I’m very easy to frag xD

I’ll for sure say hello next time I’m on!

I’d consider it depending on how self-contained it is.
(I.e. how many folders it needs to touch other than its own.)

Ideally I’d like to compile it myself, but these projects are rarely written with Windows users in mind.

What America calls football or what the rest of the world calls football?

I’m actually with @drummyfish on this one,
Adobe aren’t particularly good at writing optimised software.
I’ve pretty much abandonned my copy of Adobe Reader in favour of just opening .pdfs in Firefox.

I think that’s the only Adobe software I actually have.
I’ve never owned a copy of Photoshop and I can’t think of any other Adobe software.
(That’s a slight lie, I used to own a pirated copy of Photoshop in college, but I never actually got round to installing it.)

What normal people call football, i.e. the game where you kick a ball with your foot. Even though in the game it can also take a form of basketball and similar games.


It looks good, though I’m not a big fan myself of FPS games. I usually feel being the prey, the target everyone can take down easily. Also, I usually end up with migraine when I play fast paced fps games that take place in small closed areas (underground complexes, mines, laberynths). My son and his friends play Fortnite which is an excellent game everybody loves (and a golden goose for Epic Games). I seldom play CS GO, but last time I played, I found some toxic people and players using hacks, so not much fun there.
Btw, in my country, football = soccer, while in others, football = rugby.

@SkyBerron this probably isn’t the game for you then, new players are mercilessly hunted down by the pros unfortunately, and also there is a lot of flashing lights and explosions and other seizure inducing stuff – I’ve just for fun created a script for myself that spins me extremely fast horizontally and I wouldn’t be surprised if it made someone speccing me feel unwell :smiley:

Don’t repeat that in England or Wales.
If you’re lucky you’ll get some extremely dirty looks.
If it’s match day then I daren’t think what the result would be. :P

Sorry, what I wrote about football was misleading. I just tried to say that the same word (football) could refer to very different sports: soccer, rugby union, also american football, and maybe some more. Of course, they are not the same sport. Ha ha ha.

Just in case it wasn’t clear, that was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek.
(Well, mostly anyway. I wouldn’t recommend testing the validity of the statement. :P)