Would we be able to port games from the Gamebuino Meta to the Pokitto?

I know there’s some cool games for the Meta so far. Cats and Coins, Super Crate Meta, Block dude. Not sure if we’d be able to without permission, but I’ve seen some ports on here already.

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Sure, if the source code is available I don’t see why not. I believe that the two consoles have similar specs. If someone would write pokitto versions of the gamebuino libraries it would probably be easier still.

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Whether we need permission or not depends on the licence.
If it’s an open source licence, they can’t legally stop us.

However it’s still best to ask, even if you don’t technically need to.
It’s better to have the developer’s blessing and for everything to go amicably,
than to potentially upset the developer.

A really good developer would say “go ahead, port all my games,
I’ll even give you some help if you get stuck”.
Though it’s understandable if they don’t -
people have this odd tendency to get very attached to projects they worked hard on :P.

Although if the developer did get upset, they probably picked the wrong licence.
If you go open source, you usually have to expect people to just make derivatives without asking -
as long as they follow the rules of the licence they haven’t technically done anything wrong.

That’s why it’s important to think carefully when picking a licence and make sure you use one that genuinely reflects how you feel about your code.


I’m currently trying to develop a game with both consoles in-mind and the functionality between libraries is pretty far from 1-to-1 unfortunately. The easiest way would definitely be to support all the same function calls in the pokitto library since even bitmaps are stored in a different way.

Just report the differences here and I’ll see what can be done.

Specify and we’ll fix that. Afterall, the Pokitto lib API is based on the original Gamebuino API. I don’t think its hard to do.


I checked. In indexed mode, just the order of nibbles is switched from Pokitto.

We are missing a rgb565 mode but that’ll be quickly fixed.

@Gaveno : please send me some example which you would like to port. The Gamebuino Meta examples will run withot almost any changes, so I can’t benchmark those.


I’d love to be able to port SuperCrate Meta! https://github.com/Rodot/SuperCrateMETA