[WIP] SkyBerron RLE bitmap

SkyBerron RLE bitmap with pan&zoom. I kept Glenz Vector effect as overlay graphics for stress testing.

SkyBerron World Map.bin.3

SkyBerron World Map.bin.4

SkyBerron World Map.bin (93.5 KB)


I assume @Hanski has seen this … could be a good backdrop for his Jam entry.

He knows how to do run length encoding. He suggested it in his devlog thread and I grabbed the idea from him. I only added scaling (fixed point multiplies) to start and length pairs. But, unfortunately, he chose micropython and TAS…

Looks beautiful! I have actually also implemented RLE decoder for 16-color images in PokittoLib.

Thank you! :+1: RLE encoding is very useful as it’s both compact and pretty fast to decode. I think I still have got a few remaining old-school gfx effects that may need to rely on some RLE related tech.

Iirc Allegro gaming lib had RLE-sprites, because it is so fast to decode and draw

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Allegro graphics library was the first graphics library I used in my first 32 bit PC. Coupled with DJGPP GNU C/C++ compiler for pure DOS, allowed access to 32 bit protected mode, flat memory addressing, VESA & SVGA hw accelerated graphics modes, 386/486 assembler and much, much more. My very first graphics demos were coded with that setup. It was awesome :wink:
Iirc, Allegro allowed RLE sprites for fast transparent pixel skipping and also ultra fast compiled sprites (sprites turned into code that did not allow clipping nor did bounds checking), and also had got a custom tool for converting sprites to the desired format.