[WIP][Pine-2K] SkyBerron Bullet Hell

My 5th minigame for Pine-2K. :smile:

PROGMEM: 2048 bytes (100%) used. :+1:

sb-bullet-hell by SkyBerron.zip (152.8 KB)


You are on fire!

:fire::laughing::fire: I wanted to get to 100 sprites on screen and see what happens :innocent:. I didn’t know the pointer trick that comes handy for cutting down size of code accessing arrays. I’m still deciding on what to do next.

Mini Pacman?

Mini pacman, mini tetris, mini boulderdash, … all those minis could fall easily beyond 2K code limit if you don’t plan ahead carefully.

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Definitely. I have been looking at your code and like some of he space saving tricks you have incorporated. I am confident you can do it!

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