[Wip][Game] Matti's Nightmare


This is a nightmare themed surrealistic platform game for Pokitto. The name, “Matti’s Nightmare”, is a homage to Matt Smith, the creator of Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy. It is also in memory of Matti Nykänen, who was the greatest ski jumper, and worst singer of all :slight_smile:

The game is very much under construction but you can anyway try it.


The binary: Matti.bin (159.0 KB)
I strongly suggest to enable music by copying this to the root of the SD card. Makes a lot to the athmosphere :slight_smile: : rap2h.raw (250 KB)


Weird, I did put the .raw file on the root but still no music…

Edit: nevermind looks like the headphone jack is faulty on the Pokitto. But works if I slightly pull it out. Sounds awesome! Can’t wait for the full game.


I think technically the end on the headphone is the jack, the bit on the Pokitto is the headphone port or socket.

Heaphone jacks, headphone ports and headphones in general are notoriously prone to breaking.
They were actually invented in the 19th century, so I’m surprised someone hasn’t invented something better yet.

One of the headphone jacks on my computer is broken.
I can’t be bothered to fix it because it’s fiddly to get at,
so I use a pair of naff headphones plugged into one of the speaker jacks at the back as an extension lead and plug my headphones into that.

Not ideal, but it’s effective.


Nope. The headphone side is the plug. The Pokitto has a socket or jack.


From Wikipedia:

In the UK, the terms jack plug and jack socket are commonly used for the respective male and female phone connectors. In the US, a stationary (more fixed) electrical connector is called a jack. The terms phone plug and phone jack are sometimes used to refer to different genders of phone connectors, but are also sometimes used to refer to RJ11 and older telephone plugs and the corresponding jacks that connect wired telephones to wall outlets.

So apparently ‘jack’ is used for both.


A small update.

  • Gold and heart meters, sound effect for jump and losing heart.