[Game]Matti's Nightmare



Much better! :slight_smile:


Thanks! I appreciate that.


Personally I preferred the pin on the scissors being white because it looked a bit like an eye.

Also I preferred Matti’s eye being white rather than yellow.

The shading is definitely better though.


Those both are because I wanted it to look more like ZX Spectrum gfx. It not really is as I have not simulated the color clash fully, but I am happy how it looks.


Update: The 2nd room!

  • implemented room switching and added a new room!
  • improved collision detection

Matti2.bin (175.3 KB)


How do you feel about the difficulty level of avoiding enemies, moving and jumping? I want to make it quite easy, not “80ies hard”. Perhaps I will add puzzle elements later to increase the challenge that way.


I’ll try the game today!


Some feedback:

  • love the graphics, jumping difficulty is spot on. Ahti 4yrs managed to get to second level


  • if I pick up the first item, I just get a lot of static. Is there supposed to be a sound file on SD card or something?
  • If you go far left in Beehive and jump left up, you’ll disappear and freeze
  • occasional freezes during game (I guess you should try/except your dynamic objects)


.I thought compiling for mbed meant exceptions were/are disabled?

I didn’t realise the game was written in Python. That makes more sense.


I am pleased to hear that.

Sorry , I forgot to mention. To enable music, please copy this file to the root of the SD card. rap2h.raw (250 KB)
Without the background music you (and Ahti) have lost a lot of the atmosphere!
I also noticed that without the background music, the sfx effects are just white noise! Have to fix that. It has been working before without the music also.

yes, that I knew of. Have to fix it at some point.

Could you reproduce it in Pokitto Editor? It might be some python error. (Matti (29).zip (104.8 KB)


The next room will contain your worst nightmares…in pixels :wink:


I like the game’s music and graphics, and the jumping works pretty well, although the jumps can be kind of weird since I fall off the platform edges earlier than I expect. I also noticed that if I quickly walk back and forth between the two rooms I can make the character fall through the floor. I’m liking the start of this game so far, looking forward to what’s coming next!


Yes, I have to address those at some point.

Thanks, I am working on the new room now.


Finally got around to playing it. The audio is fantastic!!

And I must say again:




I consider making a new bees themed room just for you :wink: It will really have a lot of bees. It would be a secret room which you have to find an entrance to… If you beat it you get a lot of honey pots :slight_smile:

Edit: Here is a good background music for this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtpS7yJOGaY :wink: It is originally a classical music score so it is free.


Room in progress:


I have now released a new version. It contains a new room, “The worst mare”, and one secret room. Can you find it? :wink:

The game is stored in itch.io, because I want more visibility for Pokitto and Pokitto games. It is here:

Edit: I also updated the top post of this thread to contain the link above.


That looks great!! :smiley:


Found the secret room yet ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Let’s have a contest: Who will get to the secret room first (and tell its name)? No lurking into the source code(!). :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: