Windows & Linux Simulator repository on github

Hello all

A compiling and running linux sim is now up on github. Again, the library is a static lib at the moment: patience, the full source and other improvements are coming in not so distant future.

If linux users would be so kind as to clone & test to see if you can make it work.


Edit: some comments:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Code::Blocks 13.12 (same version IS available for mac)
  • apt-get install libsdl2-dev

Success! Ran on the first try, I changed absolutely nothing.

Running Xubuntu 16.04 with the stock Code::Blocks, also 13.12.

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This is amazing news! Will try this and report back ASAP!

Edit: Hello World successfully built and running :slight_smile:

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Excellent! Thanks for testing.

Next things coming:

  • will add Windows target so we can maintain 1 repository
  • different graphics modes support
  • sound support

Windows target added. Just choose correct target inside Code::Blocks after you have opened the .cbp project file


Now that the simulator is on GitHub, any plans to use GitHub’s wiki pages for Pokitto’s API? Or will that be hosted elsewhere?

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I still want to see how I could use Doxygen to make my life easier. Github is a strong option for hosting the whole thing in the end.

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Yeah GitHub is great because the community it’s self can help build the pages. But generating the docs is always nice too.

Really can’t wait…

Hi! I am running same on Fedora 24 Gnome and CodeBlocks ver 16.01
getting this output when I am changing message in print()

output window is:

also when I try to build it it’s shows following error

How to resolve it??? Because to experiment we must have working thing !!!

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The min / max problem is a conflict between the fake_avr functions I use to make Arduino code run and the STL standard library. It now has reappeared on Linux because the random() function uses it.

Thanks for the bug report, I will fix this. It is not a big problem, just annoying.


Please pull latest from repo & try again. With me (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS & Code::Blocks 13.12) everything works as is supposed to.

I am VERY new to c++ so I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong. After working on a simple game I decided to try out vectors. I include vector to the top of my file and all of a sudden my math functions don’t work. The compiler says “min not declared in this scope”. Am I doing something wrong or is this an issue with the simulator?

Basically, I can get vectors to work independently, I can get the math library independently. When I include both in the hello.cpp file the math library causes errors.

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I downloaded zip file from github again,but same error
Now on Fedora 25 and CodeBlocks 16.1

My point is that when I compile cpp file it’s compiled successfully but when I am going to build that project it’s shows same error to that function, How to successfully build that project?

Also when I am making some small changes on message in print function it dose not appear in output of simulator

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If do not build succesfully, the executable is not changed = you are running the original program again.

Please always copy-paste the code you are trying here. Then I can test your problem myself.

I am trying to get the same problem to appear as you.

@trelemar @krp

Quick explanation of what is the problem & how to fix. Better explanation coming later.

Problem cause: min max functions are defined in two different places. Standard C library (algorithm.h) and in my library in fake_avr.h

The fake_avr.h definition for min/max is needed for compatibility with Arduino-based code. The problem is that the Arduino version (or actually AVR) is not compatible with C statndard library version

Problem solution: choose what min/max your project uses

1. to use standard C lib version of min/max

Project->Build options->Compiler settings->#defines

add this to end of definitions:


(this is a safety device I added exactly because I knew this problem might appear)

Then add

#include <math.h>
#include <algorithm>

2. to use AVR min/max

Do not put DISABLEAVRMIN in your project options.
Do not use standard C library math algorithms

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Thank you for the explanation. The problem makes alot of sense now. I was just unsure if I was doing something wrong in my code. If we use these standard math functions in our code that aren’t supported by Arduino, the game won’t run on real hardware correct?