[Wiki]Programming Pokitto using FlashMagic (no button presses needed)


Programming a Pokitto without pressing any buttons

Did you know Pokitto can be programmed using a USB to Serial converter also? This sort of programming is called Serial ISP or UART ISP (ISP = In-System Programming) and it is supported by default by the Pokitto’s LPC11U68 chip ROM.

Serial programming is a little bit slower, but allows you to program Pokitto without the need to press reset or the programming button at the back.



FlashMagic settings

1. Select LPC11U68 as target device

Press “change”

Find LPC11U68 from under LPC1100 or by searching for LPC11U68

2. Find the COM (Serial Port) of your USB to Serial adapter

… its the COM port that appears in your Device Manager (on Windows) when you plug the adapter to the computer

3. Put COM port and speed to the FlashMagic settings

4. Set erasing to “sectors used by firmware”

5. Select firmware file and you’re ready to go!