[Wiki]9.Making a Pokitto Wiki - how to do it

Pokitto Wiki creation process

Pokitto Wiki will begin forming right here on the Forums. Everyone is invited to take part.

Who can make a Wiki?

Anyone, who is a Pokitto community forum member can create a wiki easily. Wiki pages are generated automatically from topics made in the forum.

Rules for a Wiki page

  • If you make a Wiki page for spamming / insulting someone / racism / sexism / obscenity…
  • If you deliberately spoil someone elses Wiki with malicious intent…

…you will be kicked out the forums and your membership will be terminated immediately!

Making a Wiki & publishing

Make a new topic on Wiki/Drafts category

  • Write your Wiki entry
  • Start the headline of your topic as “[Wiki][Draft]” and then the title
  • When I see your Wiki is looking complete enough and I have reviewed it, I will promote it and remove the Draft status

It’s as simple as that! Now, let’s get working!

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